Why bikers wear skull rings?

a skull ring is usually associated with the bikers as the bikers usually wear them all the time. I have come to know that when I have entered in a biker bar in the USA. The skull was everywhere not just on the ring but also on earrings, bracelets, tattoos, and necklace, etc.
The skull has never been the part of biker’s culture until it was introduced and shows as a biker symbol in many TV shows and Hollywood movies. Now, the skull jewelry, especially the ring has been associated with the bikers only where the fashionable men wear it as a symbol of fashion. Even the popular musician Keith Richards has been seen with his skull ring all the time.

The skull has been symbolized with different things in a different culture. It has been usually associated with the death and reminds of morality. That’s why calling skull as one of the powerful symbols on the Earth will not be wrong. But that’s not the only symbol which skull ring represents. Generally, it has represented a dark, poison, death, danger, gang, and beginning, etc.
In the biker community, the skull ring and other related celerity like cross rings for men have been considered the symbol of representing the biker’s community. That’s why you will see that these rings are more popular among biker as compare to any other community.

As you have seen that the most of the time, the skull has been represented with negative meaning (death, dark, position and danger) but still it is very popular as jewelry item all around the world. The reason for its popularity is its trend which has been given by Hollywood and musicians to us. So it does not represent the death but morality, acknowledge fate and attract people. Sometimes wearing the skull ring can also represent human equality and total commitment to your duties.

Men Biker Skull Sliver rings

In biker culture, loyalty and commitment are the bigger ideal thing. There is no better jewelry than wearing a skull ring to show your loyalty and commitment toward the biker’s community. It has been considered as a visual reminder to committed and loyal toward your own life, your community, road and entire way of your life.

That’s why they are no more available in simple negative design only but also in other designs and colors too.
The skull rings are available in different metals including diamond and gold but they are more popular in the silver as it is more affordable than others.
Besides its symbolic popularity, the skull rings are also popular due to its masculine look and trendy look which does not change in the years. So, if you are finding difficult to choose a perfect present for your male friend, think about the skull ring.

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