Want To Improve Your Sex Life & Intimacy ? Use These 5 Stones



This is the time of year when many people’s thoughts turn to love. You may have seen many articles or advertisements promising things that will spice up your sex life or help you find true love. Did you know that you can use stones to increase your levels of intimacy during sex? Rocks aren’t only for healing!

Orange stones are the best crystals for sex and intimacy. They work hand in hand with your sacral chakra to bring you an experience that is as genuine as it is intense. Of course, this chakra has to be in balance before you can fully experience the pleasures of intimate action. Once that happens, and your sex drive is vibrant and healthy, orange crystals like the ones below have the potential to be a strong and passionate tool!

Carnelian is a bright and vibrant orange stone that varies from the palest peach to a flame red. Its color oozes warmth, life, and vitality, and that’s the benefit when you use it as an intimacy stone. It’s stimulating, empowering, and the energy lingers so that it helps both the endurance and intensity of your performance.

and most of the orange stones—provide a boost of vital energy. They enhance any physical activity, including bedroom gymnastics. They’re also motivating, and have a tendency to be a good luck stone. If you’re looking for love or seeking to deepen a current relationship, then wear or carry carnelian with you. It will help you appear more desirable to your partner.

Not all of the best crystals for sex and intimacy are orange, and rhodochrosite is one of those. It’s a lovely and soothing pink stone, and works with the heart chakra. You need an open heart before you can truly love yourself, someone else, and be loved in return. You won’t be able to truly enjoy sex if you’re carrying around the pain of the past, and rhodochrosite helps you to release that burden. Rhodochrosite is a confidence booster; wearing it or carrying it with you enables you to remember that you’re moving forward from past hurts and crises. You have the ability to put down this baggage at any time, and rhodochrosite reinforces this mindset. It replaces apprehension with confidence, and doubt with assurance.

Many people won’t include sodalite as a stone that promotes a healthy sex life, but I do. Sodalite is a stone that cleanses negativity and helps you get out of your own way so that you can live the life you want to live. It works with the throat chakra, so you can find the confidence to make your needs and desires known.

It’s a filter crystal and works like the charcoal filter in a fish tank to cleanse and purify your outlook and your mindset. It’s hard to be truly happy in love when your ideas are tainted. Sodalite helps you to see the best in a situation, a person, and even in yourself. Using it helps you develop a more optimistic view of your life.

Sodalite is a good ally for helping to keep negative energy at bay. Are you used to looking on the downside? Are you worried that you will never have love or intimacy in your life? Try carrying sodalite with you as a reminder that when you change your thoughts, your life will change, too.

Citrine is a wonderful yellow form of quartz that draws abundance and prosperity. Because of its nature, it can also intensify energy, leading to more enjoyable sex and a better orgasm. It increases your sensual awareness, ridding you of any inhibitions you might be carrying that would stand in the way of you fully enjoying the sexual experience.

is a solar plexus chakra stone that greatly enhances the way that you interact with others. It helps you understand your partner’s needs—and as far as intimacy goes, usually when your partner is fulfilled, they want you to be fulfilled, too!

Since Citrine heightens passion, it may also make you and your partner more argumentative. Passion and aggression are two sides of the same coin. If you are recovering from a past relationship, this is a stone that helps you to overcome heartache and to shield yourself against jealousy and control issues.

Moonstone works with feminine energy. Even if you’re a guy, you’re going to feel compassionate and nurturing towards your partner, even though astrologically these are Moon traits, and considered to be feminine. Moonstone’s energy is loving and gentle, and that’s what makes it an asset for passion—especially the yellow variety.

opens the heart and allows you to accept love. It helps to repair broken relationships and to reunite two people who really want to be together. It encourages the real communication to begin. If your love is clandestine and you have to keep it a secret, moonstone will help you to fly under the radar. It’s also a fantastic stone for stimulating the sex drive and increasing eroticism.

There are many ways of using the energies of these crystals. One is to wear them as a necklace or a bracelet. They might also be placed under your pillow. To bring you and your partner closer, consider acquiring two different stones. One for yourself, and one for your lover so that both of you benefit from the connection.Using crystals boosts your libido, enhances your energy, and increases your sensual experience, as well as bringing you closer together. Stones alone won’t do this, though. You have to be in the proper mindset before these stones can provide you with any benefit.


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