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Essential oil is a concentrated, volatile, aromatic liquid that is obtained from the fruits, seeds, flowers, bark, stems, roots, leaves or other parts of a plant. There are estimated to be 10,000 aromatic plants (ie that contain essential oils) on Earth, and about 500 of these are processed commercially for essential oil extraction. These oils have been used for centuries for both their healing and aromatic benefits. Plant Therapy offers over 100 of these essential oils.

Products are made from ingredients meticulously selected by specialists of spa therapy who have hands-on experience with the mental and physical bene ts spa therapy, and together with expert chemists have produced the perfect product to enhance inner and outer beauty.



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Natural Tea Tree Oils Anti-acne Face Body Skin Care Hair Care Fragrance Aromatherapy Massage Pure Essential Oil

Reduce inflammation, remove acne, fade-out acne scars
Extract the essence of plants, the texture is mild and delicate, easy to absorb
Fragrant fragrance, it is a pleasant mood
Multiple uses
Multiple uses :
(1) Face Care
1-3 drops into the foam cleanser, water, lotion, cream, facial mask to use
(2) Hair Care
5 drops into the water to wash your hair, or drop into the shampoo and conditioner to use in or directly to
massage the scalp
(3) Body Care
Bubble bath, or add to the footbath water, or add body lotion to massage body
(4) Environmental Care
It can be as perfume spray in the environment, make the air fragrant.


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