Venus in Virgo: Don’t Look For Problems

On August 21st, Venus moves into the Earth sign of Virgo and the Sun will follow right afterward on August 23rd.

Venus is the planet linked to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, and she influences our artistic sense as well. When this planet moves into the only sign of the zodiac whose symbol is an actual human, and a maiden at that, we can expect some feminine vibes to enter our consciousness. However, just as all planetary movements have good and not so good energy, you might become a perfectionist in your love life so read our tips about how to use this transit without nagging your special someone about all the flaws you might be seeing under this love microscope.

First of all, you can relax and know this is only going to last until September 15th when the planet of love will enter Libra and things will feel bubbly and joyful again. Also, this is not at all a negative transit when you know how to use the energy to improve your own behavior in your relationships instead of trying to change your partner. Read our tips so you don’t become a negative Nancy and convince yourself your relationship is beyond repair.

capture-20190803-2058545 Ways to Use Venus in Virgo to Improve Your Relationship:

Make a List of Things You Love About Your Partner

In order to channel the detailed-oriented nature of Virgo, it’s a perfect time to make an extensive list of all the little and big things that you adore about your partner. This is a great way to focus on the positive and help you see even more things you like about them that you didn’t notice before. This will also override the Virgo tendency to look for problems. Look through a lens of love, not scrutiny.

tumblr_n7fu75vqqN1rbl71oo1_500Make a List of Things You & Your Partner Can Enjoy Together

To channel you need to plan your entire life (which is such a Virgo tendency), you can harness that energy into coming up with some fun day trips, date ideas, and even fun intricate recipes to make together at home. This will over-ride the Virgo anxiety about an uncertain future which if left untamed could make you overreact if you don’t know where the relationship is going or when the relationship will move into something more serious. Instead of forcing your partner into changes you want, focus on planning fun things that will bring positive energy into your relationship right now.

Spend Time Making Your Home Welcoming & Romantic

Virgo loves to clean and organize, so take this opportunity to add some nice touches to your home to boost the romantic vibes. Maybe add some new curtains, pillow covers, or candles to set the mood. Change out harsh lighting with soft bulbs that create a romantic ambiance, and make the place smell good so you actually want to spend time there. This will help override your need to get on your partner’s case about not being perfectly clean or bug them about unfinished home projects. Take the initiative to make your home fun by adding positive energy to space.

Be Willing To Apologize & Take Responsibility For Your Feelings

Every time you want to blame your partner for the way you’re feeling, take a deep breath and decide to take responsibility for your reactions. When you practice shifting your reactions from negative to positive, you become truly empowered in your relationship and you add positive energy to it instead of negative energy. Focus your energy on the moment right before you react and spew out something negative and just wait and find something loving to say. Hold the intention that you want your partner to feel heard and loved when your blood is starting to boil and it will change the way you react. If you aren’t perfect at this, be willing to say ‘I’m sorry’ right away so that they can feel you’re trying and that you care.

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Build Your Partner Up

Because Virgo can be hypercritical as a problem-fixer, you want to override that urge to pick your partner apart by consciously building them up. Spend time focusing on the positive traits in their birth chart if you want or look at the list of things you like about them and commit to complementing the things they do so well. Remember the saying, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” If you guard your words and choose to just lovingly gaze at them with a goofy smile or tell an impromptu joke instead of saying something negative, you will feel much better during this transit, and your relationship will come out better on the other side.

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Closing Thoughts…

Even if you don’t have a relationship, you can use this transit to build a positive relationship with yourself. This can help you attract new love and it can be a great time to prepare your home for a new partner. When we focus on our own positive attributes and build ourselves up, we start to give off good vibes so people will want some of your positive energy and notice your smiling exuberant presence.

This is going to be an exciting month because Jupiter retrograde has ended and the planet of luck and fortune is ready to help us expand. If you are wanting to get lucky in love, think about using the New Moon energy on August 30th in Virgo to set your sights on romance by bringing in some items that attract love such as vanilla incense, red roses, and a candle to set your intention. Use our Free 3-Card Love Reading to tap into your intuition about how to attract a fun relationship or improve the one you have.


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