2020 Fashion Wear Trend

Fashion Wear Trend



2020 fashion wear trend

Because we’ve given a huge amount of thought to the design of every item in our collection, to ensure that it has a style and character you simply won’t find anywhere else. , we’re always adding to the collection, so make sure you come back often and see what great new items are available.

The boldly accented accessories are very popular, and the chain necklace is the most popular. Exquisite necklaces, bold and powerful design forms, eye-catching appearance boldly covered in light and simple dresses, impressive.


In recent fashion trends, the method of holding a handbag is more like seeing it on the shoulder, and it will be more often seen in the hand and gently lifted up, naturally moving, to be gorgeous accessory jewelry. Or wear exaggerated jewelry, bracelets and other wrist decorationsgiphy-139

It seems that oversized earrings will gradually become popular. Wearing such a large earring can naturally cover a part of the earrings with your hair if you don’t want to wear it.giphy-78

In the general emphasis on freedom and comfort, the high-heeled shoes that have been inconvenient in recent years have occupied an ultra-high ratio in all footwear. Even in the leg pants, the sportswear is also equipped with high heeled shoes, and also shows the perfect wearing of different styles


Not only is it limited to the gorgeous accessories on the wrist, but the straps of the handbags can also be used as accessories for other fun. If you want a gorgeous bag, you don’t need to buy a new one, you can also add straps or accessories to the existing handbags. Chains are dotted to give new senses.


I don’t seem to know what I like, everything is ready, and the belts of all sizes, materials, colors, and designs are back on the scene. The “loose version” is also one of the fashion trends that will never end. It will go beyond simple fashion trends and become a version that will never be eliminated. If the loose version of the hem spreads in the past few years has a high popularity, in recent years and in the future, narrow-leg loose slacks with a slightly narrower hem are also more popular.


The high-heeled socks are the mainstream matching in recent years. The choice of socks should be consistent with the overall color, socks or over-the-knee stockings, which will give people a feeling of not monotonous and trendy. You can also choose transparent lace stockings with stiletto heels. Fashionable and trendy, wear out personality. A closer look at the color combination will reveal a mixture of colors that look free, but a closer look reveals that this is not the case. Although a variety of colors are used, the brightness and density (hue) are subtly refined to match a uniquely commensurate hue.


Sportswear is no longer the trend of debut in a particular year, becoming a fixed trend. There is no restriction on the way to wear orange. If Fendi is orange this year, then Valentino is a color module with a dark wine color, while Sakai is decorated with pale pink rice pink and orange, which attracts everyone’s attention. Yellow is more popular than oranges in the design of Korean clothing. From near-fluorescent yellow to deep yellow, the same yellow, which yellow is the key. Yellow and black are easier to match.


I don’t know if there is still a purple aftertaste, and the color with purple mixed pink appears again. Compared with the rich and intense purple, light purple is very popular in daily life. It’s nice to see the pink and purple that hasn’t been seen for a long time. All white monochrome is also constantly appearing. White is bolder and more confident in 2020, and it is also a high-end color that is full of energy.

In reality, it is more important to know how to wear than to wear anything. Understand the fashion trends, choose which ones are suitable for you, and how to match them. In 2020, the trend color is popular with vibrant orange, coral, pink, yellow, fluorescent, and blue bright colors. What is important in choosing a color is not the color of the clothes themselves, but the atmosphere that the colors hold.


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