The wedding ring is much more than just a pretty piece of jewelry. He is a ring for eternity and the visible symbol of eternal love and the bond of two people. A ring that stands for togetherness and intimacy. The mutual engagement of the wedding rings during the wedding is one of the most beautiful and emotional moments in our lives. Therefore, the wedding ring must be something special to capture this unforgettable day and hold forever.

Your individual preparation of engagement and wedding rings

As you know, jewelry means a lot more to me than putting gems in metal. Jewelry is always an expression of my personality. Each piece of jewelry only gains its own individual meaning through its wearer. So I am all the more pleased to be an important part of your love and closeness with my jewelry. For a few years now I have been involved in the individual production of engagement and wedding rings, in addition to my jewelry collections.

In today’s blog post, I’ll show you how you can realize your individual dream of a wedding ring together with me. Each ring is a unique piece and is made especially for you. The rings are not available online or in my showroom for other people. Rings that tell your personal story!

The first planning

The search for the perfect wedding ring is a challenge for many couples, which I like to master together with you. In a first conversation, I would like to get to know you and your personal story a bit better. Of course, you should only tell me as much of you as you really want to reveal. Together, we’ll set a budget for your rings and try to balance your tastes and take your preferences into account. Should your wedding ring be more classic or modern and extravagant? Do you prefer  Silver? Do you want stones? processed in your rings?.  These personal and individual answers should be reflected in your wedding ring and give it its own meaning.


Real silver for an eternity A wedding ring should stay on the finger for a lifetime,

For many men, who basically do not wear jewelry, it is unusual to wear a wedding ring on the finger at the beginning. On request, I will make your wedding ring in brass or silver, so that you can wear it for a while to the rehearsal and you decide the decision for the final ring a little easier.

The entire process at a glance

  • In a personal conversation, the budget and the first ideas are determined.
  • You receive a personal offer from me. (Since the material costs and the working time during the production of the rings are very high, you receive besides the offer also a down payment calculation from me.)
  • I’ll create the first 3D designs of your rings. If you do not like them directly, I will adjust them in consultation with you.
  • Upon request, I make you a ring made of brass or silver on a trial basis. (This will incur additional costs, but will be charged when it confirms the offer.)
  • After you have given me the final release, I will make your individual rings. (The duration of the production varies, depending on size, material and stone.)
  • You should make an appointment with me about 2-3 months before the wedding so that we can plan your rings in a relaxed manner and have time for individual engraving at the end.

The cost of customization always depends on the size, thickness, material, and stone of your jewel. Basically, however, it should be noted in advance that both wedding rings can not be obtained under 1000 €. It is in my production of loving and high-quality unique items. The process described above also applies to the making of an individual engagement ring.