The Hottest Jewelry Trends for 2019


This silver bracelet is one of the hottest jewelry trends for 2019
Simple care one of the hottest jewelry trends for 2019. Would you wear it in silver or another finish?
The world of modern fashion moves fast and as a jewelry lover, you have to work hard to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. After all, you can look amazingly stylish by wearing the best jewelry to accentuate your appearance. And maybe the best thing about this industry is that you can customize the trends to suit your unique personality. From the fashion runways to the red carpet, there are many places to look for trending jewelry. So, what are the hottest jewelry trends for 2019? Let’s look at what to expect this year, brought to you by Leo premium selection Online Store.


\Shell and Bead Jewelry
Shells and beads have been around in jewelry making for centuries, but the creative reincarnations on the runway will excite every fashion lover. Puka shells in bold colors will continue trending this year and if you want a piece to rejuvenate your monotonous fashion style, it is time to think shells and beads. From tortoise to coral reef pendants, you now have something new to add to your collection of hoops, bracelets, pendant, and rings.

925 Sterling Silver Natural Blue Sitara Pendent

More Jewelry Trends: Chain Necklaces
Yes, you read that right. Chain necklaces are back in fashion and you can thank Celine Dion for her fashion foresight way back in 2012. From Dior to Dennis Basso and Marni runways, chain necklaces are part of the spring/summer 2019 offerings. The exaggerated shapes and glam finishes of the jewelry is a breath of fresh air for many fashion lovers.

925 Sterling Silver 3 Color Trendy Rose Flowers EarringsMismatched Earrings
No one could have seen this one coming! Mismatched earrings are now something big in the crazy fashion world. They have made a huge appearance on the spring 2019 runways already. They have a modern edge compared to ordinary looking giant matching earrings and there are already guides as to how to mismatch correctly – That seems counter-intuitive, no?!


Resin is Among the Hottest Jewelry Trends for 2019
Another surprising trend is resin. As one of the biggest jewelry trends this year, resin shows the boldness of fashionistas. It’s a huge trend this year. The bold, saturated colors are popular with those who want to transform ordinary outfits into an amazing look.

Solid 925 Sterling Silver Vintage Tibetan PendantLogo Jewelry
Also on the hottest jewelry trends for 2019 list is logo jewelry. Yes, if you thought logo jewels were dead, think again. Chanel has been pushing the trend with its amazing collection of branded jewels. Furthermore, Dior and Balenciaga are also launching their own collections. From earrings and necklaces to belts, logo jewelry will continue to dominate 2019.

Hottest Jewelry Trends for 2019 & Your Fashion Style
Everyone’s style is unique. And you rock it the most when you have a confident sense of self. That’s true from clothes to accessories. If you’re ready to rock the latest jewelry trends for 2019, check out the latest collections at our Online Store.

Ok, over to you now! Will you try any of the top trending jewelry styles listed here and, if so, which ones?


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