The Best Crystals For Wedding Planning

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The Best Crystals For Wedding Planning

Newly engaged? Congrats! There’s no adventure quite like planning a wedding. Putting together the most epic party of your life, while also preparing to start an exciting new chapter as a couple, is an intense journey. Keep these crystals for wedding planning close at hand to make the experience even more magical.





Diamonds, of course, are already associated with weddings for obvious reasons. You might be wearing one on your finger at this very moment! That said, they also have healing properties that can add to the overall ambiance of your wedding. Diamonds are said to help amplify the energy around you, so they can increase the positivity and happiness at the event.


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Rose Quartz

This stone’s capacity for love and compassion is second to none, so it’s one of the best crystals for wedding planning. In the healing arts, rose quartz is said to amplify the love around you and bring an extra romantic air to your surroundings. In short, it’s absolutely perfect for a wedding! Rose quartz’s pretty shade of pink also makes it an excellent décor option if it jives with your wedding colors.

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Emerald is believed to activate your heart chakra and open you up to love. If you’ve ever struggled with self-love, you’ll want to keep emerald on hand to make it easier to receive the compassion and adoration of your partner. (Trust, they want to make you feel loved. So let them!) It’s also an excellent stone for letting go of negativity, which you’ll definitely want to do on your special day!


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Red Jasper

Red Jasper

The benefits of red jasper as a wedding planning crystal are twofold. First starters, red jasper is said to encourage creative problem-solving, which can help you think on your feet if you hit a snag in your planning process. Even more importantly, though, red jasper is believed to promote stability. It’s a great way to encourage a solid and comforting foundation for you and your partner as you begin married life.


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If you want to make sure that you and your guests have the time of your lives on your wedding day, citrine is your best bet. This sunny gem is believed to encourage joy, light, and optimism. It’s perfect for hosting a vibrant event and for setting a happy tone for your marriage. Make sure there’s plenty of citrine on hand at your reception once the drinks are poured and the dance floor opens up!


When the planning process inevitably gets stressful, do yourself a favor: take a pause and breathe. Remind yourself that you deserve to be happy during this exciting time! No matter which centerpieces or invitations you choose, you and your partner will end your wedding day with a wonderful gift: a beautiful step toward a lifetime of joy together. Now go hit that dance floor!

Keep your vibes high while wedding planning with the Gem-Water blends below.

Keep your relationship strong with Love, a blend of rose quartz, garnet, and clear quartz believed to inspire love, devotion, and sensuality.

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Add a little bling to your vibration with Diamonds, which combines clear quartz and beautiful diamond slivers. In the healing arts, this blend is said to help ease anxiety, build stability in your life, and amplify positivity.

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Rehearse for your first dance as a couple with Fitness, a blend of red jasper, magnesite, and clear quartz believed to help boost your energy levels, endurance, strength, and creative thinking.


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