If only there were a few magic words that could make the pain of a break-up disappear. Ending a relationship is never easy, and it can sometimes feel like you’ll be heartbroken for the rest of your life. (You won’t, we promise!) While your new beginning is certainly bittersweet, keeping these crystals for break-ups might make the journey a bit easier.
Amethyst for break-ups



Amethyst is believed to have a soothing, comforting vibration. If you’re feeling anxiety about a break-up, keeping amethyst next to your bed or in your crystal water bottle might help ease your stress. If you’re feeling the urge to text or call your ex, hold onto amethyst instead and allow it to call you.


Orange Calcite for Break-ups

Orange Calcite


This stone is all about happiness. Orange calcite is believed to boost your sense of playfulness and confidence, and you deserve to feel plenty of both as you heal! If your friends are begging to take you on a girls’ night out to party your heartbreak away, this is the stone to bring with you on your adventure.


Rainbow Moonstone for Break-IUps

Rainbow Moonstone

This beautiful gem is said to strengthen your feminine intuition so you can better process your feelings about the split. It’s also believed to be a wonderful stone for carving out new chapters in your life – like the one you’re beginning right now!


Magnesite for Break-Ups

Red Jasper


According to the healing arts, magnesite is a stone that’s especially in tune with your heart. It’s believed to aid in visualization, relaxing meditation, and compassionate self-love – all wonderful tools when nursing a broken heart.


Rose Quartz for Break-Ups

Rose Quartz


Last but definitely not least, you’ll want to surround yourself with rose quartz. Yes, it’s the stone of love, and love might be the last thing you want to think about right now, but that’s the whole point. Keeping rose quartz near you during a break-up can help open your eyes to all the love that exists in your life right at this moment, even as you’re mourning your relationship. Your closest friends and family may offer a different kind of love than your partner did, but it’s love nonetheless. So many people care about you. And they’ve got your back, no matter what.


Be kind to yourself and take your heartache one day at a time. New beginnings are just around the corner, and they’re full of amazing adventures that you can’t even imagine.

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good luck.

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