The Beauty and the Pearl

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The Beauty and the Pearl

The best thing about pearls is that they are a perfect gift for any occasion! Women, young and old, have an appreciation for timeless statement pieces. But why is a pearl necklace a must-have in your jewelry box? Below, we’ll discuss exactly how pearls are made, where the trend started, how pearls gained popularity, the meaning behind gifting pearls, ways to style pearls, and most importantly, where you can find the best selection of pearl jewelry!

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How are pearls made?

Who would have thought that an oyster would be the creator of something so beautiful! Natural pearls form when an irritation, like a grain of sand, works its way into an oyster, mussel, or clam. The infiltration causes a fluid to be released that then coats the speck of sand. The fluid is then layered, causing a deposit until a beautiful pearl is created. This process of coating is known as “nacre.”

A cultured pearl goes through the same process except for the speck that helps create the pearl is a surgically implanted piece of shell called Mother of Pearl. The specks are typically made of mussel shells and require at least 3 years for a thick layer of nacre to form. If the color looks less vibrant, then this process has been rushed, creating a lighter coat of nacre.

Pearls can be created in salt or freshwater.  Saltwater pearls are typically more rounded and have better quality than freshwater pearls, which may have an irregular shape. In recent years, freshwater pearl farming techniques are improving and almost bridging the gap! Now they can be farmed to become a great round-shaped pearl with a deep shine.

Imitation pearls are typically glass beads that are dipped into a solution of fish scales. You can tell if the pearl is an imitation by rubbing it across teeth: Fake pearls glide across your teeth, while real pearls feel gritty from the layering of nacre.

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Where did the trend of pearls start?

In ancient religions, pearls stood as symbols for the moon and were believed to have magical properties. They are heavenly pure gems that symbolize perfection. In ancient Egypt, the Mother of Pearl is used to decorate buildings, clothing, and jewelry. Due to influences from Persia, Egyptians were even able to figure out a way to use ground pearls for cosmetics!

Ancient Greeks viewed oysters and pearls as a symbol of love. Ancient Romans also love pearls and wore them to show a sign of status for both men and women. In ancient China, pearl jewelry told others that the wearer was pure of heart and mind.

Gifting pearls is a very sentimental tradition. The passing down of pearls from generation to generation can be seen throughout history. A pearl gift can preserve memories for another generation and continue the cycle of giving.



How did pearl jewelry gain popularity?

During the Renaissance, pearls stood as a declaration of a woman’s status and class.  Wearing pearls was a flamboyant display that was against the rules of the time. The statement of pearls was, in turn, a form of public display to convey revolting against the plight of the Renaissance woman!  Pearls, as well as fine imported silk, became the best accessory for the rebellion.

When a pearl necklace is received as a gift to wear at a wedding, or maybe little pearl earrings to wear with a fancy new dress, you simply feel classy! Pearls are given by loved ones to make them even more precious and meaningful. Each sentimental piece of pearls is treasured and known as a sign of love and memories for years to come.

There are so many occasions where the gift of pearls can add that extra touch. Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday, or anniversary, you can’t go wrong with the gift of pearls.


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What is the meaning of gifting pearls? 

No matter what the occasion, an emotional moment is created when you open that little gift-wrapped box. The gift of pearls to a young adult has an entirely different meaning than it does for a little girl. This present to a little girl stands as an outward sign that shows their family’s love for them shines as bright as the pearls in their stud earrings. Young girls love to admire their new pearl jewelry in the mirror to see it shine. The gift is a constant reminder to treasure family memories and shares experiences for years to come.

Pearls are a symbol of approaching adulthood and a sign that you are growing up. This turning point and progression into adult life deserves recognition. A strand of pearls can be worn to memorable events in adult life. As the years’ pass, those great memories are all linked to the pearls! Every time you put on that necklace, those exciting days with family and friends will flow back into your heart and mind.

Ways to style pearls for any look!

Of course, a classic string of white pearls is best for an elegant occasion.The most common way of wearing pearls is to gracefully place them at the neckline. For formal events, add a Mother of Pearl necklace to a simple gown. This gives a WOW factor to your look.

For that vintage-inspired look, keep the pearl necklace long. Don’t be shy! This creates a flirty and fun statement piece. Check out Leo premium selection ’s Best of the Century 24” necklace and add a Spring Fling Ring to complete this timeless look!

If you want to style up your everyday wear, add a two-strand pearl necklace. Leo premium selection’s Pearls are the way to go for this addition to your jewelry box. Blush, grey, or white two-strand pearls give you a great dressed-down look but also adds a flash of glamor to your jeans or a leather jacket. Want three or four-strands? Try a Necklace paired with a pretty Printed Wrap Dress!

Remember, pearls have the power to lift your spirits and change even the most casual of outfits into a cute fashion statement. Think about it. Throw on an old T-shirt and a baseball cap then add premium selection’s Any Time Pearl Stud earrings and WOW! You’re a style wizard.

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Where you can find the best selection of pearl jewelry?

There are many places to find pearl jewelry but look no further: we have a great variety of pearl necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings at Leo premium selection From tasteful and dainty pieces to multi-layered strings of pearls, we have so many options for you to dress up or down your look. Check out all our pearl jewelry at Leo premium selection

No matter which type you choose or how you wear them, pearls are sure to brighten up your mood!

925 Sterling Silver Natural Freshwater Pearl Necklace Necklaces & Pendants Leo Premium Selection


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