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Overwhelming, seemingly insurmountable stress seems to be an inevitable part of life at times; the car won’t run, the checks are bounced, a job is lost – or even a loved one. Approximately one sextillion varied types of tension exist in life, and can enter our lives in a flash

Fortunately, there are many metaphysical practices that can ground us and keep us balanced during times of upset and chaos. Astrology, numerology, tarot, sage, yoga and chakra-balancing are all wonderful ways to keep your energies in check. Did you know that crystals are incredibly powerful and effective for cleansing and renewing our energies?

Crystals are ancient gifts from the universe, harnessing properties that assist us on our earthly journeys. Their gifts are expansive and selfless; they can absorb negative energy, promote physical healing and send celestial positivity rocketing through your veins.You can carry them with you, meditate near them, place them around your home or even infuse your water with their heavenly aura – the possibilities are nearly endless! Nearly. Don’t eat them. Let’s explore the best crystals for relieving tension.


Amethyst is a healing stone both physically and emotionally. It can relieve tension in your muscles due to external challenges. Place this on those concrete, stiff shoulders and feel the releasing energy of this stone melting your muscular rigidity away.


This stone is like a warm, love-infused cup of milk for the mind. When worries have your head trapped in a negative cycle, it becomes increasingly hard to sleep. Place a piece of lepidolite under your pillow or on your nightstand and let the sleepy, relaxing effects take over.


When meditating, aventurine is an enhancing stone that will promote inner stillness and help you find your footing again, amidst a chaotic world. Place aventurine in your left palm, close your eyes and focus your attention on the peaceful properties pouring into you.

Lithium Quartz

Lithium quartz is uniquely helpful for feelings of depression and anxiety. Allow it to wash you over with a sense of content, an appreciation for life and a feeling or gratitude.


Selenite is an extremely powerful stone, and it relaxes the senses. Selenite is a perfect stone for tension-induced headaches, as it grasps your pain and releases it into the atmosphere as a harmless, neutral substance. It dislodges stagnant energy and leaves you feeling refreshed.

These five crystals will greatly reduce stress and tension during times of duress. Let their buoyant, uplifting energies fill you with a sense of trust, knowing that the universe will take care of you and embracing the steps on your path to enlightenment.

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