WEugénie Antiques(13)How Gemstones heal your body?

You have probably heard people talking about, or showing off about these beautiful stones which you may not what it could offer you. There are different types of crystals, each filled with their own healing abilities. They are thought to promote the flow of good energy and help rid the body and mind of negative energy for physical and emotional benefits. Historically, crystals are touted as ancient forms of medicine, with philosophies borrowed from Buddhism and Hinduism. However, it is important to know that there is no scientific evidence to support the use of crystals. However there are plenty of uses as a tool to transfer energy in modern science as well such as in recording studio use crystal to record or modern-day computer uses a chip to store data and others, are another example of how crystals observe and transfer the energy.

Leo Premium Selection Why Are Colored Gemstones On The Rise are drawn to their colors and beauty.  The key to indulging this self-care experience is mindfulness, reflection, and acceptance Even though there isn’t .a great deal of sciatic support of crystals, lot of people swear by the powers based on their own experiences. All of the pieces of jewelry we have made available here in this site have two purposes. To Accessories, you, To bring out the beauty in you and to enhance your beauty through your r beautiful sense of fashion. AND second reason is to help your heal through positive and good energy. To do that we have meticulously crafted our jewelry using many different gemstones in a way that provides their energy to your body.


Like we have mentioned about gemstone hold and transfer energy whether be it negative or positive. So it holds your personal energy. So the donor does not share your good energy with others by letting others wear your jewelry.

Clean your Gemstone Jewelry  Every month?

Yes, it is advised to clean your gemstones jewelry one in a month to recharge and restore positive energy.


You wash your jewelry with the hand and soap water. Put it on sunlight for 2 to 3 hours. DO NOT LET ANYONE TOUCH IT.  Wash your hand and, open your left palm. put your jewelry on an open palm and close your palm with the right palm. Think positive and positive intentions that you want to achieve by wearing this gemstone. Then wear it.



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