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When it comes to health and wellness, healing crystals are a must-have for supporting your mind-body-spirit. Our collection of health and wellness jewelry is made with powerful crystal combos, which help create a synergistic wave of healing frequencies. Using stones with healing properties, like Turquoise, Sodalite, Jasper, and more, our health and wellness jewelry is designed to give you support, whether it’s for a performance, general good health, or pure energy.


The Health Bracelet is made with Apatite, Bloodstone, and Dumortierite, a power-healing combo that is meant to protect not only your physical well being with its strength boosting powers, but your mental and spiritual health with an abundance of revitalizing energy. If you lack energy and vitality, wear this life force enhancing healing bracelet for some instant pep in your step.


The Play Bracelet is perfect for inspiring change and action. Made with the light and joyful energy combination of Amazonite and Aquamarine crystal beads, this bracelet will encourage you to go have some fun. With the positive lifeforce of Amazonite and bright, renewing energy of Aquamarine, this bracelet will leave you feeling cleansed and energized!

If sports and fitness is your game, reach your goals with the Endurance Bracelet. This piece contains the perfect combination of energy enhancing crystals to give you that extra push to be the best. With BloodstoneTiger’s Eye, Onyx, and Tibetan Agate, you’ll have the competitive edge that comes with these highly energetic stones.



The Magically Mindful Necklace will take you on a journey through your spirit and elevate your compassionate perspective to new heights. Made with Turquoise, the energy of this peaceful, high-spirited necklace works by helping you to tap into your wisdom, and see the best in yourself and others.

Are you in need of less negative energy in your life? Then you need to protect yourself with the Elite Shungite Necklace.  This necklace made from Elite Shungite helps to counteract and neutralize the energetic vibrations associated with anxiety and stress. With its calming and stabilizing energy, it’s the perfect antidote for today’s stressful world.

Bracelets for health and well being are the perfect way to combine the healing energies of crystals and stones with colorful accessories. Get in on the fun and function of wearing healing crystal bracelets and necklaces! These healing jewelry items will help you take a holistic view of  wellness, and elevate the health of your mind, body and spirit.




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