Though it occurs naturally in a rainbow of hues, September’s enchanting birthstone has been celebrated since antiquity for its signature shade: a deep, velvety blue. Ancient Persian monarchs believed the sky’s cerulean tint was the reflection of a magnificent, celestial-sized sapphire, and over the ages, the stone has maintained that stellar status among the royal set (see also: Princess Diana, who famously wore a showstopper Ceylon sapphire engagement ring that was later passed to Kate Middleton). These days, this majestic gem is a classic choice for any accessory lover—a versatile jewelry box staple that will look as chic paired with a blouse and jeans as it does with your glitziest party outfit.

Whether you’re a September child born to wear sapphires or are simply captivated by their richness and brilliance, here are five stylish ways to make this month’s birthstone the crown jewel of your own personal collection.

925 Sterling Silver Blue Sapphire Vintage Ring Ring Vintage Selection Leo Premium Selection 

Take on the natural gemstone trend.



Depending on your frame of reference, Specimental’s recycled-gold cluster earrings, crafted to cradle cornflower-blue sapphires might evoke glimmering atomic models of some rare and precious element or a flurry of air bubbles bursting forth from an ultramarine sea.

Diamonds, watch your back. Increasingly popular centerpieces for wedding jewelry, sapphires currently rank as the second most-stylish stone choice for proposals. And thanks to breathtaking beauties like this stackable crown-shaped wedding band from MinimalVS, with its marquise-cut sapphire and spray of electric apatite and topaz, it might not stay a runner-up for long.

Leo Premium Selection September & Sapphire

Incorporate splashes of sapphire in your living spaces with these vibrant accent pieces, from ceramic chandeliers to whimsical art prints.

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