Rock the Wedding Season with Trendy Silver Jewelry


The wedding dress may be the star of the show, but the right accessories will totally elevate a look and add a personal touch of glam to it. In Thailand, we know that there are dozens of other jewelry options such as gold, platinum, diamond, and so on, but Sterling Silver jewelry is trending and has become everyone’s first choice. Fashion temperatures are soaring with these incredibly exotic styles and everyone wants one for themselves. Imitation jewelry is often purchased for weddings and then it is locked up in the closet for months together. It is quite a hassle to wear such heavy pieces and they don’t quite always match all attires. Designer silver jewelry is now available in a wide variety of designs that can be excellent choices for all wedding attires. If one is on the lookout for accessories to match with their wedding outfits. Pairing outfits with trendy silver jewelry will be the solution to this as silver jewelry is extremely durable and affordable. One can make multiple purchases without breaking the bank and still have a wide variety of designs to pair with each wedding outfit for all the ceremonies.

Top-10-Most-Versatile-Sterling-Silver-Necklaces-for-Women-001Diamond and gold jewelry is an extremely expensive ordeal. Investing in silver jewelry will prove to be an excellent and extremely stylish alternative at a budget-friendly rate. Often women are so worried to carry around their expensive jewelry, but one won’t have to face the same worries with silver jewelry as it is safe to travel with. Since gold and diamond jewelry is expensive, one most often has to repeat the pieces on outfits. But with silver jewelry, women can buy multiple designs to complement their attires at their weddings.

Women love diamonds and not everyone can afford to spend so much on them. For women who enjoy Hollywood inspired looks, Sterling silver embedded with American diamonds is the solution to all those who are fretting over the expenses of Diamond jewelry. American diamonds look as stunning as real Diamonds and look even better when paired with sterling silver. One can pair their wedding outfits with Silver Jewellery if they want to keep their bridal look simple yet sophisticated.


There are a wide variety of large silver earrings such as chandelier earrings, danglers, silver hoops, and silver ear climbers. Nowadays everyone is going for fusion outfits. We are seeing many brides sport shirts over their lehengas. For those women who are a fan of this trend, silver earrings are the perfect pick as you can pair your fusion ensemble with a pair of sterling silver hoops or danglers to stand out from the crowd. Large silver rings and silver bracelets are amazing options to go for, as these will complement a bride’s henna laden hands so stunningly. Silver rings embellished with American diamonds or gemstones would prove to be that perfect statement look, it that’s what you’re aiming for. There are Band rings, Three stone Rings, Cushion cut rings, Solitaire ring, Pearl silver rings and so on. A person who is on the lookout for that unique and perfect wedding ring will have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to Silver rings. There is also a wide range of cocktail rings available in various styles that would look amazing paired with wedding outfits. A cocktail Ring is a generally big size ring and definitely gets the wearer attention. It’s a bold ring and can have a single gem or even multiple gems. Some women prefer to accessorize themselves with just one big ring as part of their attire. Regardless, silver rings are the perfect wedding ring options for all.


Silver bracelets will accentuate the curves of a woman’s hand add an extremely elegant look to a woman’s attire especially when paired with gowns or western attires for wedding receptions and cocktail parties.

Top-10-Most-Versatile-Sterling-Silver-Necklaces-for-Women-007Silver jewelry can also be worn otherwise and won’t stay locked up in the closet. So it serves all purposes and is worthy of every penny invested. It lasts a lifetime if taken care of well, is easy maintenance and durable. Weddings are the occasion when one tends to shell out a lot of money. Silver is affordable and that is another point that will prove to be beneficial especially if one does not wish to spend much on jewelry or to cut down on wedding expense. Compared to other precious metals, silver jewelry can be purchased without necessarily breaking the bank. Sterling silver is skin-friendly. Often women are worried to wear other metals due to the allergies caused by them. Silver jewelry is hypoallergenic thereby one doesn’t have to worry about any allergies. It is also customizable therefore the bride can create multiple designs she is inspired by using Sterling silver. Be it a Hollywood inspired Meghan Markle’s wedding ring or any other Indian Celebrity, all designs can be recreated.No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories and a woman’s wedding day look is no exception. Of course, everyone wants lovely jewelry to match with that gorgeous dress, but that doesn’t mean one has to compromise on comfort. Not to forget, the bride will be standing for long periods of time. Heavy jewelry will only make a person cringe in discomfort. Silver jewelry is light weighted and therefore extremely comfortable for the big wedding day. If a woman is comfortable it shows on her face, and that’s what everyone wants, a glowing happy bride!

Top-10-Most-Versatile-Sterling-Silver-Necklaces-for-Women-009Every woman’s lovelies with her jewelry, so marking the wedding day with unique silver jewelry will only make it all the more memorable and special. Every bride wishes to stand out from the crowd and look elegant and beautiful on this day in her life and silver jewelry will definitely be the best to opt for as it will add a whole new level of style and flair to the wedding outfits.

As Oscar Wilde said, “one should either be a work of art or wear a work of art”. A woman will surely look like a work of art herself on her wedding day while adorning stunning Sterling Silver Jewellery.

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