Protictive Crystals will Boost your Psychic Sheald

Do you have an energy vampire in your life?
We’ve all had people in our lives, whether family, friends, or colleagues, that is a drain on our energy. In some circumstances, we are able to distance ourselves from these people who seem to take and take, giving nothing in return. You might find yourself asking exactly what an energy vampire is, and it’s eerily similar to how it sounds. An energy vampire, also known as a psychic vampire, is essentially anyone who feeds off of the energy of others, either knowingly or subconsciously.
Crystals are an outstanding tool for battling many of life’s challenges, as well as manifesting the things you want out of life. Crystals have many different purposes, and each crystal holds a unique charge of energy that can assist you in different ways along your journey. Many of these crystals have protective qualities that build your immunity to the negative energies of those around you.

Black tourmaline is one of the best stones for protecting yourself from unintentionally negative energies. While this stone may not protect you from those who wish to do you harm, it will protect you from those who do not realize they are getting to you. This stone acts as a goalie for the mind, rejecting harmful energies and providing a barrier for those frequencies that tend to bring us down. This crystal’s bad-to-the-bone forcefield extends to your aura, blocking bad vibes and allowing you to remain positive in the face of negativity.

If you do happen to find yourself in a situation where someone is actively trying to drain your energy or harm you, fluorite can assist you in avoiding the effects of such harm by protecting your energetic identity. This stone essentially provides invisibility for your aura, so that any negative energy heading toward you will have a difficult time finding you. This may seem silly, but there are some dangerous people and energies in the world that we must be aware of and protect ourselves from, and fluorite works swimmingly well for this type of protection.

Rose quartz may not be the first crystal one thinks of when speaking of protection, but it has a unique effect that will help you in unexpected ways. Rose quartz helps you build up your self-confidence and self-assurance so that when people throw those negative curve-balls your way, you can easily deflect them. This stone reminds you to be gentler with yourself and practice self-love as often as possible. It’s incredibly difficult to remain strong and centered in the face of energy vampires when we aren’t telling ourselves that we are worthy of love and respect. You are awesome, and rose quartz will ensure you never forget it!

Unfortunately, we don’t always have the option of removing these people from our lives. For instance, you may have a demanding boss that seems to wear down on your psychic shield.
Your psychic shield is what protects you from negative and draining energies, and gives you the strength and intuition to defer hostile vibrations. But, when you’ve been around someone who’s wearing you down for a while, your psychic shield can weaken, allowing the vampire (and anyone else, for that matter) to get under your skin and into your head.
Fortunately, there are useful metaphysical tools you can use to keep your shield fortified and strong, adding a protective barrier between psychic vampires and your field of energy.
Garnet is another stone that assists against energy vampires in an unusual way. This stone is typically a deep, crimson hue that is reminiscent of the blood coursing through our veins. This stone actually boosts your energy when you’ve been drained, giving you a little extra pep in your step when you need it most. The other interesting feature of garnet is that it actually deflects the intentions of negative energies. While protected by garnet, anyone attempting to drain your energy will actually drain the energy of the stone itself, leaving your psychic shield strong and impenetrable.
Life can be hard enough without having to worry about keeping your aura safe and protected from harmful energies around you. These may not protect you from every negative aspect or person in life, but they will certainly assist you in keeping yourself and your energy safer in this world.





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