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When you’re trying to make progress in life, you can’t afford to let the negative energy of others hold you back. That’s why powerful protection stones like  Black Tourmaline, and Black Onyx are important tools to absorb internal negativity and shield you against the dark energy of others. Our jewelry for protection is specially designed with a combo of stones that are known for creating a force field against negative energy. Include our unique pairing of crystals in your collection, and let the black stones be your spiritual bodyguard while the throat chakra stones like Lapis Lazuli release your pent up emotions. These protection stones give you the power and support you need to feel secure in your spiritual transformation

Black Obsidian Tiger Eye, Hematite Stone Healing Balance Energy Bracelet,


In order to give you peace of mind, protection stones first take away the negative energy that’s weighing you down. Known as the “psychic vacuum cleaner,” Black Obsidian works by clearing away any negativity from yourself or others.

Another powerful crystal for protection is Black Tourmaline, an excellent stone for clearing negative energy. A go-to stone for energy clearing rituals, Black Tourmaline is an essential stone to have in your space. It absorbs negative energy within your environment, and shields your home so that you don’t carry negative or excess energy in with you when you walk through the door.

Black Kyanite functions as a protective stone for the spirit by helping you to cut away energy that is draining your positivity. You can use black kyanite to remove the energy from long, stressful days at work, or to separate from the energy of a person who is having negative influence on your spirit.


For constant access to energy cleansing vibes, protection jewelry is the way to go. Made with a special combo of black stones for protection from negative energy, our crystal jewelry works as an energetic bodyguard for the spirit.

With the powerful Protection Bracelet on your team, you won’t have to hide from the world to protect yourself from negativity. Made with Black Tourmaline, Golden sheen Obsidian and Lapis Lazuli, this bracelet is designed to create an armor of protection around your aura and spirit. This healing combo also protects your mind-body-spirit by facilitating the release of negative emotions like stress, anger, anxiety, and depression. Wear this protection bracelet to rid your spirit of dark energy and allow its healing energy to guide you on a path to positive light.

Made with the pure, radiant energy of a naturally polished Selenite crystal, our Energy Clearing Necklace helps to clear your body of toxic energy while protecting the aura from negative influences. Wear this protective crystal necklace everyday and let its energy infuse your aura with the healing vibes of white light.

Designed with the protective energy of onyx and pyrite, our Psychic Protection Bracelet is just what you need to keep negativity from intruding on your life. When you wear this protection bracelet, it provides an energetic shield against bad vibes, either from yourself or others.

Hold tight to these gemstones for protection to have both peace of mind and a secure spirit.capture-20190807-224104


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