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Calling all the creative spirits! Does your creative muse need a boost? Do you miss indulging your creative side with spontaneity and adventure? If you need support embracing a more creative lifestyle, then creativity crystals and jewelry are just what you need! We’ve collected the best crystals for creativity and passion that have been combined in this jewelry to get you inspired. As soon as these passion crystals come into contact with your skin, get ready for a mind-opening shift of energy that stimulates creativity and innovation like no other.


For the Free Spirit Necklace is made with Chrysocolla to cleanse and renew energy from your chakras. Wear this necklace and let your spirit be transformed by the divine energy of the universe.Harness the ultimate power of the universe with the I Am Worthy Bracelet. Made entirely out of Carnelian, this bracelet will help you to breakthrough any stagnancy in your spirit or life, so that you can get moving toward all desires. With the confidence, joy and vitality that emit from the I Am Worthy Bracelet, you’ll have a hard time knowing what to do with all your creative ideas!The cosmically inclined beings among us will appreciate For the Cosmically Confident Necklace. Made with Peach Aventurine, this out of this world necklace is an instant confidence booster.The Free Spirit Bracelet is the perfect piece to connect your spirit to the divine inspiration of the universe. Made with Blue Lace Agate, Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian, and Turquoise, this exquisite bracelet helps bring good luck and powerful healing to your creative endeavors.


Thanks to its confidence-boosting powers, Carnelian is a favorite stone for artists and performers. Wear it when performing and you’ll feel its calming effects on your mind and body.When your mind is consumed with anxiety and stress, Red Jasper is what you need. This highly energetic gemstone infuses your energy field with soothing vibrations so you can focus on the task at hand.Tiger’s Eye has the unique ability to cleanse and activate the solar plexus chakra, which is central to the creative force within you. By enhancing creativity, Tiger’s Eye helps to ground your energy, which allows you to connect with your authentic self.

Keep a convenient bag of Get Creative Crystals and have their inspiring qualities close at hand! Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, and Goldstone help with creativity and give you the energy you need to finish projects.Specially selected gemstones for creativity are just what you need when you have writer’s block or need that extra push to complete a creative project. These powerful stones and crystals bring forth energetic thinking and also have confidence boosting powers that enhance your spiritual connection to the universe.


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