Open Your Heart and Heal the Soul

A world full of environmental toxins and the daily stress from juggling the demands of work and family, it’s an everyday challenge to stay healthy and energized. The key to well being is first recognizing weaknesses or deficiencies in the body’s energy fields and then taking mindful steps to return the body and mind to homeostasis or natural state of joy.

Our chakras might be invisible to the human eye but these energy centers are home to physical and mental functions that are vital for living a vibrant and abundant life. If you’re feeling frazzled from mental stress, physical illness, or both, start the healing process by gently re-aligning your chakras with healing crystals incorporated into your daily health routine.

Encompassing the center of love, the heart chakra is the main energy point that affects your health and internal balance. When energy becomes unblocked and begins to flow, any stagnant feelings of resentment and anger transform into forgiveness, acceptance, and unconditional love, all of which have the power to heal the world Known as the “rescue stone opens the heart to accepting others and also helps calm fiery emotions with its soothing vibrations. If you’re experiencing heartache as a result of conflicts in relationships, this powerful but gentle crystal is an essential part of your healing arsenal. Other heart chakra stones include Rose Quartz and Fuchsite, which work well as necklaces worn close to the chest

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May 29, 2019

[…] issues relating to bacterial infections, fever, inflammation, joints or heartburn. Its primary chakra is the Heart Chakra, connected to our compassion, self-love and relationships, thought to bring […]

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