New Beginnings

Need an all-over spiritual cleanse? If you’re in need of an emotional facelift, get ready to hit the reset button on your life with our collection of new beginnings jewelry. Combined to create a powerful energetic field, jewelry for fresh starts have a cleansing and purifying effect on the chakras. When you wear our new beginnings necklaces or bracelets, it helps you reconnect with the gentle and steady rhythm of the universe and your limitless potential to heal and rejuvenate.

925 Sterling Silver Natural Oval Moonstone Ring


New beginnings jewelry is made from crystals that enhance transformative energy. Chrysocolla crystal carries a bright, inspirational energy that encourages you to start anew. Another stone for making a fresh start is Moonstone, which harness the energy of the moon to gently bring light during dark moments, and highlight the path toward your true destiny. Let these pieces of jewelry made with new beginnings crystals be your guide on your journey to a fresh start.


The blessings will abound with this Fertility Bracelet. Moonstone, Pink Opal and Morganite helps connect with your natural rhythm, which in turn, increases fertility. When you wear this bracelet, get ready to enjoy a better immune system and more love while easing anxiety and stress!

Make your dreams come true with the Destiny Bracelet. Rainbow Moonstone helps you manifest your vision and connect with the universe to reveal your authentic self. Be true to your heart and you’ll never lose your way.

925 Sterling Silver Blue Moonstone Crystal Rose Quartz Hand String BraceletWhen it’s time for change, put on the Transformation Bracelet. Change is never easy, but the crystals of this bracelet can help you along the way. Hematite, Amethyst, Onyx, and Obsidian are a powerful combo for giving you the energetic vibrations that support the shift from negativity to positivity in your life. Your journey to growth will become more powerful with each step taken.


A new beginning can mean many things: a turning point, an epiphany, a new blessing in your life. Support your new beginnings with the healing energies of For the Moon Child Necklace. Wherever your journey takes you, Moonstone is the perfect guide that will gently light the path of transformation and growth.


925 Silver Natural Moonstone Vintage Pendant


Guidance, insight, and calming energy are the cornerstones of new beginnings, and these special crystal jewelry pieces are designed to bring you a ray of light on your path to transformation. Life changes and growth can be challenging, but one must forge ahead and trust the universe. Embracing the energy new beginnings will help you to do that with an open heart and focused mind!


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