Move Forward Like A BOSS

Move Forward Like  A Boss  With  Saturn Direct  In Capricorn 


Here comes Saturn direct!

Saturn is currently touring its home sign of Capricorn and has been retrograde in this sign since April. Moving backwards for the last few months, Saturn in Capricorn may have felt slowing, stalling, stagnating, and with extra responsibilities. The effect of Saturn retrograde can sometimes squeeze you and make you feel extra restricted and limited in life.

Saturn ends its retrograde on September 18th, 2019. Saturn turning direct means Saturn is moving forward again, and Saturn moves forward now until 2020. This gives you some help moving forward with life, but especially professionally. Why? Saturn is the natural ruler of career, so anything Saturn does can impact everyone’s career path.

Saturn direct vs. retrograde means there are fewer problems getting in the way. If you’ve felt like you’ve had so much more to deal with professionally, so many more responsibilities, and have dealt with more immature folks than you care for, that may have been the doing of Saturn retrograde. As Lord of Karma, Saturn retrograde may have made you feel the weight of it all. What does Saturn direct mean? This can start to turn around!

Retrogrades are times of reflection, re-do’s, and revisions. They’re traditionally times of looking back and taking stock, slowing down and thinking things over. Once a planet has gone direct and is moving forward again, you don’t have to keep looking in the rear-view mirror anymore. You can look forward and move on.

Career Astrology & Saturn in Capricorn:
You may wonder, how does Saturn in Capricorn affect me? This Saturn in Capricorn transit elevates your goals and ambitions. Being in the sign it naturally rules, Saturn feels comfortable pushing you even more professionally. The way things have been can’t remain the same. You need to make progress, achieve success, and get attention for what you do.

This isn’t an easy thing to achieve though. Saturn in Capricorn always wants you to act in the right way and for the right reasons. You need to make smart choices, practice discipline and maturity, create plans that you stick to, and act responsibly. Saturn doesn’t reward you for taking shortcuts or being inconsiderate or not growing up. That makes Saturn really mad, and then comes the Saturn drama!

When you do what Saturn wants you to, this is when you can achieve and succeed. And not in little ways either, but in really big ones. The most common time when people achieve their greatest success in life usually comes under prominent Saturn transits (especially Saturn to the Midheaven, whose natural ruling planet is Saturn).

4 Tips to Manage Saturn Direct in Capricorn:
If you want to come out of Saturn direct like a #boss, keep these 4 tips in mind:

1. Long-term plans are Saturn’s BFFs. Saturn loves long-term plans for your goals, so make sure you’ve put a lot of thought and care into your long-term plans. If you’re setting new goals for yourself professionally (Saturn direct can be a good time to change things up), work on solid long-term plans for them. Be realistic about what you can achieve on your own, what you may need help with, the exact steps it’ll take, and the homework you need to do. Then take action and stick with it! If you’re not certain about your goals right now, check out this article on using the Tarot to help you make a big career change.

2. Seek recognition for your work.
Saturn wants to give you attention when you do things right, so don’t run away from getting recognition for the good work you’ve done. Run to it! Let others recognize your talents, and accept accolades for them. If you haven’t been getting the recognition you deserve, step up and ask for it (if you need to learn how to be assertive, look at your natal Mars).

3. Showcase your skills with confidence.
Again, Saturn doesn’t want your skills and talents to go unnoticed. If you’re doing things the right way, for the right reasons, and have worked long and hard, Saturn wants everyone to know it. Be confident in your abilities and showcase them to the world. That’s not being a snob or arrogant – that’s knowing you have a lot to offer.

4. Don’t be all work and no play.
It’s very easy with Saturn to get caught up in the work, but when it completely takes over and you don’t have time for play, that’s when the restrictive energy of Saturn kicks in. When that happens, you start feeling overwhelmed by what you’re doing, lose focus and passion, and start pulling away. Avoid that by giving yourself breaks and letting yourself play.

One Last Note:
You may not feel the more positive effects of Saturn direct in Capricorn right away though. This is because when a planet turns direct (or retrograde), it slows way down and stations, hovering in about the same spot. Saturn is stationing now until September 20th, and we may be slow-moving forward for another month or so.

In the meantime, follow your career horoscope, and start preparing so you’re ready, Saturn-style!


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