Moonstone Anytime

You don’t need to wait for a New or Full Moon to use your moonstone – you can use it any time you need to channel its powerful influence!

  1. Contemplate a situation or experience in your life that needs further clarification.
  2. Meditate on this scenario for several minutes, imagining possible solutions and opening your heart to suggestion.
  3. Place a small piece of moonstone in your mouth, underneath your tongue.
  4. Visualize the matter in question, meditating on outcomes and possibilities.
  5. Expel the stone and pay attention to the next thoughts that pop into your head. Are they familiar? Is there a clear voice guiding you in a certain direction? Pay attention!
  6. If you sense no incoming answers or energy, this may be a situation to sit on and approach again under a different lunar influence.

While Moonstone is especially useful during Moon rituals and its energy reflects the natural lunar cycles we experience, it can be used anytime to connect with the energy of the Moon!

How have you used moonstones in your practice?

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