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In today’s fashion blog post we will explore the modern necklace. This means that you will be able to check the latest necklace trends among the fashionistas and learn how to rock these babies like a pro.If you like to wear necklaces, then don’t hesitate to keep reading so you can wear these jewelry pieces with confidence Make any of your styles more eye-catching and attractive by wearing any of these modern necklaces. They look great on any type of a lady and could be styled in many different ways because they are pretty versatile.I hope that you will enjoy these styling tips and ways on how to style a modern necklace. If yes, please take the time to leave a comment or hit the like button.

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1. Chunky collar necklace for a cool diva style

Wearing collar necklaces look so attractive and stylish at all times. You can wear them with casual looks to make them prettier or with night-out styles to jazz them up. It is possible for all ladies to wear such jewelry pieces because based on the design you can match the rest of your outfit.

All black outfit, Chunky modern necklace

In addition, if you like to wear more simplistic or monochrome looks, this is the perfect necklace that will be able to spice up your style and make it more eye-catching. You can dress up your casual styles or glam up, even more, your chic and night outlooks.

Chunky statement necklace

Don’t hesitate to rock your statement collar necklace to work or any special event with a dressy fitted shirt. It looks very fashionable and trendy. This is the perfect way to add unexpected color and detail to any of your styles. Feel free to try out this daring style this season!

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If you want to be super trendy, modern and different don’t hesitate to check out these two statement necklaces. They look great with chic, fashionable or even casual looks.

2. Wear a delicate lariat necklace for a stylish look

Lariat necklaces look absolutely stylish and luxurious, especially when paired with chic and elegant outfits. However, if the necklace is delicate you can literally wear it with any outfit you like.The best thing about the lariat or Y necklace is its design. It looks quite different than the usual delicate necklace, therefore it will help you to enhance your style.

Lariat necklace

You can wear the lariat necklace with any of your summer styles because it is very comfortable to wear all day long regardless of the hot or tiring days. It will keep you comfy, yet super trendy and modern. Also, you can wear it with your hair up or down based on your preferences.

Lariat necklace

In addition, lariat necklaces have a very modern and chic touch to them that will definitely take your outfit to the next level. Don’t be afraid to try it out this season because we spotted many fashionistas rocking the style. It is super easy to combine with so many different kinds of outfits.The simplicity of their design allows them to effortlessly style them with any type of outfit. It all depends on your preferences.

3. Statement necklace appropriate for the spring/summer

If you happen to be one of those ladies that like statement and visible jewelry pieces, then these following styling tips are just for you. Try to wear pastel-colored, single-colored or spring-inspired colored statement necklaces at this time of the year.

Summer modern necklace

In addition, if you love to wear dresses and girly outfits these statement necklaces are just great. They are completely enough to make any of your boring, old or normal looks more modern and attractive.Plus, you don’t have to always invest in many clothes to make them look modern and fashionable. Jewelry is more powerful than you think.

Statement necklace, statement earrings

Feel free to wear vivid colored or earthy tones necklaces in the spring or summer. Especially, in the summer when it is so hot it is great to wear a statement necklace with neutral tones that blend with the atmosphere of the weather.Make your spring and summer outfits more eye-catching and interesting with any of these statement necklaces. They are very easy to combine with any kind of outfit and look so trendy!

4. For a modern look wear a disc necklace

The disc or full circle necklace became so popular lately, therefore there is no chance that goes unnoticed in this blog post. And, you can style it with no effort, you can be personalized if possible to engrave or just wear it as it is because it looks so modern.

Modern necklace, disc necklace

It is possible to wear this kind of modern necklace all year long with all kinds of outfits. Feel free to wear it at the office, at school, to special events or just to show your fashion side. In addition, you can dress it up by wearing heels and fitted outfits or spice up your casual looks.

Circle necklace, street style

Many ladies can take advantage of this super modern, yet so cool and youthful necklace. The flat disc could be engraved if possible, but you can wear it just like that and still look fabulous. Furthermore, many fashionistas showed their love for the fat circle or disc necklace these days so don’t hesitate to give it a try.Be trendy, be modern and remarkable for the season. This circle necklace could enhance any of your looks even your swimwear. Don’t hesitate to click on the link below the image for further information.

5. Accessorize with a layered modern necklace for a chic style

Layered necklaces have also been gaining so much popularity. In addition, they are great with deep V-necks or buttoned-up shirts. And, you wear them in all kinds of ways. For example, try to wear them with jeans and sandals or with a fitted dress and you will see that both ways look great.

White V-necks, modern layered necklace

Also, feel free to add other jewelry pieces such as a stack of rings, delicate bracelets or a pair of stud earrings to this chic casual look. Layered necklaces could be made from a couple of necklaces brought together or by buying a pre-layered necklace that will right away enhance your look.

Layered necklaces, street style

Layered necklaces with geometric shapes look even more modern because these days the minimalism and the geometric shapes have been gaining popularity. Delicate necklaces with simple design could be easily worn with fashionable, casual or extravagant looks. It all depends on your personal preferences and fashion style.Feel free to check out any of these two layered necklaces. In addition, they could make your look more complete and trendy within a few seconds. Don’t hesitate to give them a try!

6. Geometric modern necklace for a fashionable style

Geometric necklaces have been gaining popularity, therefore they make it to our modern necklace list. Feel free to explore the beauty of these jewelry pieces. They could be styled with so many different outfits. For example, they are great with monochrome or single-colored tops.

Geometric modern necklace, fuchsia sweater

In addition, they could be perfect for the working ladies since they could give the spice that you needed. And, they come in many colors and design, therefore you will be able to find the right one for you. They could also be paired with another necklace for a fuller effect.

Geometric necklace, statement necklace

Geometric necklaces are so modern and popular at the moment that there is no way to go wrong here. Also, it is possible to easily combine them with a pair of stud earrings, if you are rocking this necklace to work. Or, with classic hoop earrings for a more daring and cool style. If you want the perfect modern necklace, try any of these two They look pretty amazing with any kind of outfit.

7. For an elegant look wear a modern metallic choker necklace

The metallic choker could definitely be termed a modern necklace. It looks so sleek, well-polished and elegant. This is the perfect on-the-go necklace that could suit the working ladies. Also, the simple design allows you to play around with your outfits.

Metallic choker

Furthermore, it is very easy to pair other jewelry pieces with this necklace. However, try to keep it in the same metal color so you don’t look tacky. For example, if you wear a golden metallic choker, then focus on adding golden earrings, bracelets or rings. It will look very chic.

Metallic chokers look so modern and fashionable


These chokers are also great for romantic dinners with the loved one, cocktail party, birthday celebration or weddings. You can literally style it the way you like to any of your casual or special occasions.For the working ladies or the ones that have special occasions on their agenda – try to accessorize with this black marble choke. Or, if you are attending a festival, traveling or simply want to look young and fresh – feel free to check out the multi arrow choker.

8. Wear a choker for a casually chic look

Of course, a choker is modern, trendy, cool, everyone’s on-the-go jewelry piece or the must-have a necklace. Choker took over the fashion world like nothing else. They come in unlimited designs, vibes, intentions, themes, colors, and materials. They could literally fit any type of lady.

Choker, street style

Chokers are great when combined with other jewelry pieces because subtleness allows us to experiment with other necklaces. However, feel free to wear earrings or a stack of rings along with your choker. It all depends on your personal preferences and the style you are looking for.

Chokers, off shouldered top, fashionista

In addition, you can wear a choker to express yourself, to make your look more sexy, chic, elegant or simply to revamp your old outfits. Chokers are great for any kind of event. If you want a vintage-inspired style you can get a choker with a vintage-inspired pendant and there you go.Don’t hesitate to add many different chokers to your jewelry collection such as these two  Chokers could be worn all year round and based on your outfit you can get the choker that will be just right for you.

9. Accessorize your summer outfits with a boho modern necklace

Any summer outfit could be taken to the next level with a boho modern necklace. These jewelry pieces are great with more light, earthy or nature-inspired colored outfits. For example, a sandy jumpsuit or a dress.

Boho modern necklace, fashionista

In addition, if they are single-colored then you can add as many as you want jewelry pieces because the boho fashion style is all about being over-accessorized. And, chunky necklaces are very typical for the bohemian fashion, therefore don’t be afraid to experiment with something more bold and visible.The aqua and turquoise colors are very appropriate for this kind of fashion style. Especially, if you are wearing n all-white or dirty white outfits because it will give it a pop of color and modernity.

Furthermore, feel free to add other elements to your looks such as a trendy belt or boho-inspired shoes such as brown booties or sandals in earthy tones.

Be daring, be bold, be free-spirited with any of these two modern necklaces. They will definitely spice up any of your summer outfits.

modern necklace, happy girl.gif

Finally, I hope that you liked these styling tips and ideas about the modern necklace. Don’t hesitate to make any of your new or old outfits more with these jewelry pieces.In addition, don’t be reluctant to share your opinion about the modern necklace. What is a modern necklace according to you and how do you like to style it!

Thank you & Happy day!

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