Minimalist Jewelry for a Trendy Look

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Minimalist  Jewelry for a Trendy Look

These jewelry pieces are very trendy and wanted at the moment, therefore it would be great to know how to rock them like a pro.

Dainty jewelry, charm necklace

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1.  for a chic style

The lariat necklaces are usually dainty jewelry that is great for chic and stylish outfits. Many working ladies can take advantage of their beauty and elegance. You can easily wear the lariat necklace in combination with other dainty jewelry such as a minimalist bracelet, stud earrings or a stack of delicate rings.

Feminine style, lariat necklace, Blue striped dress, swing dress

Also, if you like the layering effect you can do that too with your lariat necklace. For example, it is possible to wear two lariat necklaces at the same time or simply add another delicate necklace to your lariat necklace.

Deep V-necks, long lariat necklaces, fashion, summer style

Because of their elegant, chicness and style, you can wear a lariat necklace in a more provocative and attractive way. For instance, in the summer if you like wearing deep V-necks, then a lariat necklace would be very appropriate for the look.

Lariat necklaces, dainty necklace, white off-shoulder top

on, this versatile piece of jewelry could be styled with a night out elegant looks. This type of necklace is a great complimentary piece that could be worn by all aged ladies no matter their occupation or fashion style.

These two necklaces and have a very sleek and well-polished surface. The appearance of these necklaces definitely makes you want to add one like this to your jewelry collection.


Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Natural Larimar , Pearl Pendant Handmade Selection Pendants Gem Color : Blue

2. Wear a delicate minimalist bracelet for a trendy look

If you happen to be in love with the minimalism trend, then you will definitely enjoy these following styles and bracelets. Bracelets are the type of jewelry that is not trendy all the time, but lately, we could spot many fashion bloggers wearing bracelets or even a stack of bracelets for a fuller look.

Minimalist inspired bracelet

925 Sterling Silver Natural Amethyst Agate Rose Quartz Crystal Healing Reiki BraceletS925 Sterling Silver Couple Bracelet Natural Stone Beads Bell Amethyst Rose Quartz Reiki Chakra Healing Birthday Gift Everyone

In addition, if you like wearing watches, it is a good time to pair your watch with a modern and trendy minimalist bracelet. This is a perfect style for business ladies or all the ladies that love to stay classy and professional at all times.

Minimalist dainty jewelry, street style, fashionista


925 Sterling Silver Vintage Turquoise Rectangle Ring Ring Vintage Selection Ring Size : Resizable


As you can see these jewelry pieces are great to be worn all year round. For example, you can jazz up your fall sweater and ankle boots look or give interest to your summer styles.

Minimalist bracelets, fashionista, white lace dress

Also, if you like to give interest to your monochromes don’t be hesitant to add a trendy bracelet in addition to your look. It looks super feminine, yet it is very easy to pull off the look.

by Leo premium selection

925 Sterling Silver Natural Stone Beads Amethyst Rose Quartz Black Onyx Reiki Healing Bracelets

Here is a minimalist-inspired modern bracelet If you like similar looks, then don’t hesitate to check them out.

3. pendant for a personalized look

Dainty necklaces with personalized or not pendants are so cute and easy to style with any type of outfit. You can literally wear them with your casual as well as with your night outlooks.

Pendant necklace, black blazer, white top, ripped denim short

In addition, they are very comfortable to wear and what a better way to express yourself than a personalized pendant hanging off from your dainty necklace. These necklaces are very timeless therefore you don’t have to worry if you spend a little more than the expected.

Pendant necklace, dainty necklace, white long sleeve top

Feel free to combine your pendant necklace with simple or detailed outfits because both styles will be great with such a necklace. It can even become your talisman necklace, which will make it much more sentimental and priceless.

925 Sterling Silver Seraphinite,Green Amethyst,Garnet and Peridot Pendant

By Leo premium selection

Any of these two pendant necklaces appropriate to achieve a similar look. Feel free to check them out by clicking on the links below the photo.

4. Add a layered necklace for a fuller look

If you like to make a unique combination of different jewelry pieces, you can create a very trendy and popular at the moment – the layered effect.This is a rather fuller look in terms of accessories but it is definitely not a bling-bling style. You can get yourself a pre-layered necklace or make your own design, which is simply amazing. Based on the necklaces that you put together you can end up with a very girly, stylish, symbolic, boho or any fashion style that you prefer and are in the mood for.For example, in the summer you throw on a floral dress and accessorize it in a very elegant and stylish way by adding different length necklaces.

Trendy look, layered necklace, fashionista, street style, striped maxi dress

Or, you can add only two necklaces for a simple, yet sophisticated look. Many people doubt the power of simplicity, but in fact, this is such a timeless and classy way to accessorize or dress up.



Leo Premium Selection

By Leo premium selection

Here are two beautiful layered necklaces that have different pendants on each necklace. These could definitely enhance any of your looks.

5. Delicate rings set for a super modern look

Stackable rings are definitely a must-have for this season. There is no perfect time when to pull off this look, but rather you decide when you want to show your fashionable style.The best thing about these ring sets is their adaptability and diversity. You will be able to find all kinds of different sets that will go well with your personal style and lifestyle.

Stack of delicate rings, dainty rings


925 Sterling Silver Blue Light Crystal Ring Ring

For extra sparkle, you can rely on these topped off with tin rhinestones ring sets. They are great for days on night outlooks. Or, you can even spice up your professional and sophisticated outfits.

Delicate rings, dainty jewelry

On the other hand, ring sets with no extra effects and detailing are great for casual sneakers days or with elegant high heel looks. It is up to you if you want to add all of the rings at the same time or combine them with older rings that have been sitting for quite some time in your wardrobe.

By Leo premium selection

Here are two ring sets that are pretty simple, yet modern and appropriate for any type of lady. Don’t hesitate to check them out! 🙂

6. Wear a chain bracelet for a fashionable style

Chain bracelets look so cute and stylish based on the outfits that you decide to match them with. This jewelry is also a must-have for this season because more and more fashionistas decide to rock this style.

Chain bracelet, street style, light green blazer

These delicate bracelets could be combined with other similar bracelets or wear them solo. They have a certain character and special energy that will definitely make your looks more eye-catching and attractive. You can wear this dainty jewelry to work, while traveling or shopping or even to special events.

Dainty jewelry, stacked bracelets


As you can it is possible to wear this type of bracelet with super outfits as well. Feel free to mix and match them with other types of a bracelet to give an extra interest to your ordinary daily looks.

7. choker appropriate for a girly look

Our lovely delicate choker still makes it the list of the most wanted accessory for the summer. This type of dainty jewelry is very versatile, trendy, modern and cool. It can make your outfits more sexy, eye-catching, fashionable or anything you want. A true saver on a dull day.

Dainty choker, summer look, floral dress

Girly looks and delicate chokers are such a great combo. In the summer when you want to feel desired, paid attention to and just flirty, you can dress up in a nice and feminine dress and add a little edge to your style by wearing a delicate choker.

Dainty choker, Velvet rose print dress

As you can see delicate chokers are perfect for daily looks or night outlooks. You can wear the same choker and pull off so many different looks so if you add similar jewelry to your collection you know that you will be able to wear it whenever you want.If you happen to be a choker necklace fan, try to check out these two dainty jewelry pieces. They could perfectly accessorize your girly, stylish, boho, elegant or sexy looks with no effort.

8. Trendy subtle stacked earrings for an attractive look

Having many piercings at once is definitely a popular look, but what to do if you don’t have that many piercings!? Don’t you worry ladies because there are always the fake piercings that you can to your pierced ears? This look is very cool because it is delicate, yet visible enough to be remarked by many people.

Stack of earrings, dainty jewelry, fashionista

You can add, for example, a stack of rhinestone delicate studs that will gently sparkle as you walk around. This is a look that you don’t need to worry about where you style it because it is so delicate and feminine.

Dainty jewelry, fashionista, street style

Even your super elegant and red carpet inspired looks could take advantage of these small and dazzling jewelry pieces. It looks very stylish, especially if you make a cute hairstyle.The hairstyle doesn’t have to be anything spectacular or difficult to make. It is always about your attitude to end up with graceful and full of confidence style.

9. Fine hoop earrings for a modern look

Every girl could find a pair of fine hoop earrings to suit her style. These earrings are absolutely amazing because of their versatile properties. It is possible to style them with super casuals as well as with super elegant outfit You can wear them all seasons and adjust them according to your fashion style. In addition, they come in so many different designs and detailings that you will never be able to get bored with them. Plus, they are pretty comfortable to wear unless you have an oversized pair of hoop earrings.


Some hoop earrings have even this futuristic and professional looking design that is perfect to match your working outfits. On the other hand, they go well with girly dresses, a simple short and t-shirt look or fashionable outfits such as an off-the-shoulder top.


Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Natural Larimar , Pearl Pendant Handmade Selection Pendants Gem Color : Blue


By Leo premium selection

If you want to be different, yet classy and modern, check out these cool pairs of hoop earrings. The small detailing is very interesting and eye-catching.

10. Cute necklaces for your summer outfits

Necklaces with cute pendants and dainty chains are so fun to wear in the spring and summer. You can make any of your styles more joyful and to put a smile on your face. In addition, they are easy to pair with other necklaces if you want to create a layering effect.

Cute dainty jewelry, delicate necklace, casual blouse

Also, these jewelry pieces are very comfortable to wear. The tiny cute pendants are so interesting, modern and fashionable. They will easily express your mood right away.

Fun pendant necklace, spring yellow dress

Feel free to wear them with vivid colored dresses, shorts and a graphic t-shirt. These necklaces are great for school, daily outfits or even for special celebrations such as your younger nephews or cousins.

Natural Quartz Point Necklace Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Crystal Chakra Stone Power Healing Reiki Free Pouch


By Leo premium selection  Bring happiness to your outfits with any of these two jewelry pieces  Cute, girly, appropriate for any type of a lately and absolutely trendy.Finally, I hope that you enjoyed these styling tips and tricks on how to rock your favorite dainty jewelry like a queen. These jewelry pieces are very modern, easy to style and so comfortable. In addition, their delicateness allows you to effortlessly pair them with colorful or super plain outfits.

dainty jewelry, queen.gif

Also, don’t hesitate to share your favorite types of  Leo premium selection jewelry. How do you like to style them? What is your favorite currently trending jewelry pieces? Let us know!

Thank you & Happy Styling!

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