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5 Ways to Create Good Karma with the Law of Attraction Under the Aquarius Full Moon


We hear the words “karma” and “Law of Attraction” a lot in everyday life, and we even use them a lot here. But sometimes people use these words too easily or blithely, without really understanding what they truly mean.

That’s where we come in. Getting your spiritual weather forecast from the stars is helpful in our daily lives, whether you are using daily horoscopes, weekly horoscopes

But once a month, we get an additional tool to help us manifest abundance using the Law of Attraction. And that is the Full Moon. This month’s Full Moon in ingenious Aquarius is no exception.

So settle in, grab a coffee or your fave Bev and read on to discover the only 5 things you need to know to use karma and the Law of Attraction to manifest good karma and abundance.

Can a Full Moon Improve Your Karma?

Absolutely! All of the planets are always working in concert to help us work on just that. They send us events and experiences that help us to get on our way in life so that our life path matches our Destiny. One of those events occurs every month, that is the Full Moon.

Every Full Moon has a relationship with the New Moon that occurred two weeks prior. The New Moon sparks new beginnings, and the Full Moon uses its light to provide information that launches chapters closing and cycles ending, that are connected to those new beginnings.

This Full Moon in Aquarius on August 15 is connected to the New Moon in Fire sign Leo on August 1. This Full Moon is also influenced by lover Venus this month in opposition of 20 degrees. That’s not a huge angle, but it could be significant enough to create an opposition in love or financial matters.

So whether you are hoping for good karma in love or money, this Full Moon in Aquarius will help blossom the seeds you planted under the New Moon in Leo two weeks ago. Not sure what those seeds are?

Remember that the Law of Attraction is all about you visualizing your success. Thoughts become things for those with good karma!! So here is your Full Moon in Aquarius Law of Attraction road map.

1. Don’t Be Needy.

Full Moons are emotional and this always has a tendency or potential to impact our relationships. The Full Moon in Aquarius opposite Venus suggests that we may have some wrinkles in love. You have a tendency to be “blinded by love” and may not see flaws in your partner, or may overwhelm them with your need for attention or affection.

Keep your mood even keel. Use emotional calming tools such as meditation. Try to elevate your Law of Attraction work with remedies such as this Audio Manifestation Set. Remember, thoughts become things, so if your mood feels erratic, that’s exactly what you will get in return from your partners. Don’t be needy. Lead with love. And if your partner isn’t fulfilling your needs, find something else that will make you happy that day so you don’t splurge on anger with someone that doesn’t deserve it.

2. Channel Excess Energy.

With the Moon also opposite Mars, energy is going to be very restless. You may have more anxiety or general “itchies” to just get rolling on something you want to complete. You could also be quick to the temper. Try not to be.

Use that excess energy and passion in a productive way. Finish a work project. Go for a run. Do some yoga. Take some downtime. If thoughts become things, angry thoughts become angry issues. The Law of Attraction is in play now. Pursue your passions in work or love, instead of pursuing passionate arguments, i.e. picking a fight.

3. Avoid Power Plays.

The Full Moon in Aquarius is working with a minor transit between the Sun and Pluto. This could present a power play or a small crisis, which leads to an ending. Someone else may be the one pushing for a power play as well. This is a karmic test. Don’t fall for it.

Be the Mayor of the city of the Law of Attraction and continue leading with love. How you respond to tension under this Full Moon will put a karmic reaction in play that will manifest something for you. You don’t want it to be a big pout fest because you lost after you were pushing to be right in a certain situation.

4. Focus On The Light.

This is a good adage any time of day or night, or anytime in your life. Focus on bringing light into every situation. Under the Full Moon in Air sign Aquarius, you will find lighter and airier energy than the heated sparks of the New Moon in Fire sign Leo. So even though Mars, Venus, and Pluto are bringing some intensity into the mix, the overall vibe is lighter.

5. Release that which causes stress.

Full Moons are about bringing something to completion. But they are also about removing things from your life that aren’t working. That could be a dead-end job, a toxic “friendship”, or a relationship that is more work than love. This may be a decision-making time for you. Remove what you are obsessing about. This Full Moon energy is in play until the end of August. Use that time wisely.

Remove what causes you the most anxiety in the day. Maybe you can’t leave your job, because you do need to eat after all. But change the thing that is causing you stress on the job. Talk to your manager about lightening your load or shifting responsibilities. The same in love. If you can’t leave it, quit the issue that is causing the most stress.

When you use the Full Moon for its truest potential, the clearing of stress releases a chain reaction for the Universe to bless you with a miracle in its place. So it’s time to cut it out. What will that be for you?

One Last Thing….

Many folks fret about the Full Moon, but there’s no reason to. These tips should give you a solid road map as to how to navigate this Full Moon emotional roller coaster so that you can trigger the Law of Attraction. Remember this one thing. Every Full Moon offers us the chance for a clean slate. So, wipe the slate clean. Whether that is at work, home, or in love.

Use up that pent up energy on a house project. Clean out your closets when you want to unload a blue streak on your boss. Tackle the garage if your head starts spinning when Lover picks a fight. Don’t be needy with anyone but yourself. Overwhelm yourself with love. Follow your Daily Horoscopes for day-by-day advice through the rest of August.

Don’t engage in power plays or negative attacks just to win. Lead with love. Let there be light. And when you stay in that light, unconditional love flows.



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