June Astrology Overview

We’ve arrived at the last week of June, Earthlings!

Can you believe we are already in the last week of June 2019?
Enjoy this lovely last week of June blossoms, friends; the Universe has given us a fairly fun and quiet week to enjoy it in. We are just coming off of a Full Moon week with the Full Moon in fiery Sagittarius. In the same week, Neptune went retrograde and the Sun entered the Cardinal sign of the Water signs, Cancer, to officially launch our beautiful Summer season.

So, just because we are saying goodbye to a lot right now, including June, that doesn’t mean we are saying goodbye to Summer. Heck to the no! With the Sun’s entry into emotive, nurturing, and intuitive Cancer, we are saying hello to a beautiful Summer season of three months.
Enjoy every second. The Universe has some surprises in store with an eclipse cycle later in the season, and soon. But for now, for this week, we are enjoying the lazy hazy days of Summer, and wondering what to do with them all.
This week, to help inspire us into the fun zone, we have chatty and witty Mercury entering the Mutable sign of the Fire signs, Leo. Leo rules the fifth house of the zodiac, which is the one where all your fun zones are activated. Leo energy is what helps us make every Summer as fun as we can.
The fun vibes from Leo are just starting this week, and many planets will join that party soon enough. So for this week, we have Mars and the Sun is beautiful and loving Cancer, soon to be joined by lover Venus. Mercury is the first to leave the Cancer party and that happens later this week. That’s a recipe for Summer loving, and Summer fun. And we have a nice quiet week from the Universe this week to enjoy it in.

Stay safe, and have a grand Summer, friends!

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