“Jazz Age Glamour”


“Jazz Age Glamour”

(such a poetic name, isn’t it?) created a collection called “Jazz Age Glamour” which is inspired by the jewelry of the Roaring Twenties and “The Great Gatsby” (Tiffany created and supplied the gorgeous jewelry worn in the movie).  If you thinking about buying a piece of this collection. Of course, some of them (the ones we can see in many photos and scenes) cost a real fortune but others are quite affordable like one my favorites,

THE Great Gatsby

Leonardo DiCaprio


The ring symbolizes Gatsby’s love for Daisy, which sees turns down because of Tom. When Gatsby was waiting for daisy to call by the pool he drops the ring he gives to her, when he was shot. Symbolizing he lost Daisy’s love.

Express Your Unique Style

925 Sterling Silver Black Onyx Leonardo Dicaprio The Great Gatsby Ring has a story as unique as its design.


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