How to Have “The Talk” & Win

​Saturn Direct Love Horoscopes  How to Have “The Talk” & Win

it’s time for “The Talk.” It’s that moment in our relationships when we know we need to move forward, but don’t know how to do it, or don’t want to do it….yet. Much of that procrastination comes from Saturn being retrograde.

Saturn is the serious taskmaster of the planets, one of the planets that deals with karma, and one with that ticking clock reminding us of deadlines, projects, and every day responsibilities. Saturn is not always the planet we think to call on when we want to romance somebody or elevate our love lives. But if we want to finish 2019 with a solid lock on love, and we do, then we need to put that commitment procrastination on the back burner. We need to make the karmic choice to get serious, or not. Should you stay or should you go? Should they stay or should they go? A decision needs to be made. Just committing to that decision is the hardest part. As Saturn turns direct, we’ll walk you through it with today’s Saturn direct love horoscopes to help you launch – “The Talk.”

We balk at the chance to commit or have “The Talk” because we worry our partner won’t meet us on the same page. So what? Do you want a commitment in love? Then you need to have that conversation. You win no matter how it goes. Either it finishes with you being in a committed relationship, or it ends with you safe in the knowledge that the one you are with is not ‘The One’ you are meant to be with. And that’s okay. Taking charge of this conversation is important for you to propel yourself in love the way the Universe wants you to.

How Does Saturn Direct Nudge “the Talk”?

“The Talk” doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it isn’t when you know you are going to win either way. When you launch “The Talk”, you tell your partner, and your Self, that you are the Captain of your Fate. You are the authority on what you need – and now is the time to be true to who you are. If you want the commitment, you have to go for it. And if you don’t, then you have to be true to who you are with so that you are being harmonically fair to your partner. When you do that, the Universe launches a chain reaction that helps you get closer to The One, whether they are there now, or not.

In romance, Saturn is the father figure telling us what we need to do to maintain a healthy relationship, and keep it going to stand the test of time. But for the past several months, Saturn has been retrograde, and this has had us all procrastinating a little bit. We just want to have fun! And sometimes that means our duties slide, even in love.

So if you’ve been wanting to rewind time and reboot love, now is a good time to start taking that seriously. Saturn turns direct on September 17, and this gives us the energy we need to bring some forward motion on the commitments in our relationships. Whether you want to move forward with someone, or without them, the only way you are going to do this the right way is by having, “The Talk”.

But “The Talk” is scary. So we are here to help you take that next step. No matter what zodiac sign you are, here’s how to launch “The Talk”, and get the answers you need in love, one way or another. These are simple tips, nothing to over-analyze here. Commit to a decision. Should you stay or should you go?


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