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no matter what you call them, we can all agree that crystals are amazing for many reasons. They are beautiful and introduce an ethereal motif to our space. Their unique properties energize our homes and auras. Crystals can help us maintain focus, meditate, refresh, and re-center ourselves. But what you may not realize is that crystals have astrological properties as well. Each crystal has a planetary and therefore astrological association, making certain crystals even more potent for specific signs.

Find out Your Personality’s Powerhouse Crystal Based on Your Sign


Aries is a Fire sign ruled by Mars. Aries is ambitious, bold, enthusiastic, and dynamic. You benefit from a crystal that tempers your quick temper and proclivity toward occasional selfishness. Ruby, red jasper, and garnet are crystals that are associated with Mars and will work well to align the energies of an Aries.


Taurus, an Earth sign, is ruled by Venus and display characteristics of sensuality and refined taste. If you aren’t careful, you can become stagnant or even lazy, preferring a cozy lifestyle to a productive one, and you need crystals that will inspire you to action. Emerald, amazonite and rose quartz connect to Venus and will resonate deeply with Taurean energy.


Geminis are intellectual, airy and ruled by Mercury – the planet of communication, travel and intellect. Geminis can get lost in thought or hesitate to make a decision because so many options are available. You could use a stone that urges you to trust yourself and turn your thoughts into reality. Agates, such as blue lace agate and fire agate, are associated with Mercury and will bring out the most advantageous energies within you.


The Water sign, Cancer, is ruled by the Moon, a planet of deep emotion, mystery, and intuition. Cancers take care of those they love, but they can be sensitive or easily hurt. You need a crystal that protects your aura by creating a psychic shield all around you.petalite, and moonstone is crystals that harness the vibrations of the moon and give a boost to Cancer’s intuitive nature.


Leos are ruled by the Sun, fiery and passionate. Your personality is gregarious and warm, your friendly nature and charming demeanor contributing to your success. Your natural ability to charm does not mean that you’re immune to insecurity, and you could benefit from crystals that will help you radiate with confidence. Amber, sunstone, and garnet are crystals that correlate with the sun and will help your spirit shine.


Virgos are an Earth sign, responsible and grounded, ruled by Mercury. Virgos are such hard workers that they sometimes need a reminder or an invitation to relax. You need a crystal that inspires the playfulness that your inner child craves. Citrine, hematite, and red jasper are the crystals associated with Mercury that will give you the confidence to take some time for yourself and play a little.


Libras are balanced Air signs that are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love. Libras adore being surrounded by aesthetically pleasing visuals and are social butterflies. As a Libra, however, you might be easily influenced by others or even a little gullible. You need a crystal that will solidify your trust in your intuition. Chrysocollalabradorite, and kyanite are stones associated with Venus that will inspire self-trust and psychic protection.


Ruled by Mars, Scorpio is an intense Water sign that embodies mystery and depth. Scorpios are incredibly caring but can unleash quite a sting when they feel threatened or hurt. You could benefit from a crystal that urges you toward forgiveness, understanding, and self-love. Hematite, smoky quartz, and red sapphire are all stones that will calm the deep, moving waters within you.


Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter and belong to the group of Fire signs. Sags are endlessly optimistic and bubbly, but they often need help in the way of self-confidence. You could use a stone that will ignite those fires within and urge you to embrace every part of your personality. Lapis lazuli, white topaz, and azurite are all associated with Jupiter and will connect with that inner Sagittarius powerhouse.


Capricorns are Earth signs that fall under Saturn’s rule. Saturn is a stern planet that urges Capricorns to adhere to stringent schedules and rules. You need to break free every once in a while and go a little crazy, Capricorn! Hematite, jet, and lodestone are all crystals that will dispel negative or worrisome energy and allow you to relax into fun-mode.


Aquarius, an Air sign, is ruled by Saturn but marches to the beat of a different drum than the earthy Capricorn. Aquarians are inventive, modern social butterflies. They have many great ideas but sometimes find it difficult to get a project up and running. You need a crystal that brings you back down to earth and urges you to take responsible action. Onyx, black kyanite, and iolite are crystals tuned to the vibrations of Saturn that will start your motor right up.


Pisces is the last Water sign of the zodiac and falls under Jupiter’s rule. Pisces have their heads in the clouds, imagining and fantasizing the day away. You may not realize how talented and capable you are, however. You need a stone that inspires you to turn your dreams into a reality, take a leap of faith.

Amethyst, carnelian, and malachite are Jupiter-related crystals that will urge you to push yourself and realize your full potential.




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