How to Eat & Dine for your Zodiac Sign

There’s an old saying, “You are what you eat,” and dietitians and health gurus have all the scientific data to support this. What does your birth chart have to say about that, though?

You might think there’s an astrological answer for nearly everything these days—and you’d be right! Whether you put a little or a lot of emphasis on your Sun sign and planetary placement, it’s still you, and you’re still going to have likes and dislikes according to them.

Element: Fire
Planet: Mars
Quality: Cardinal
House: First
Best Foods: Snacks that are calorie dense
Worst Foods: Red meat
Soothing Herbs: Chamomile, anise hyssop, ginger
As a fire sign, you probably like hot and spicy foods—which is great, provided you listen to your body and don’t overdo it. Your body has cycles, and it will take to the hot foods on some days better than others. Don’t push yourself—and don’t eat too fast! Aries are spontaneous and like to be busy, and you may overlook your nutrition or bolt down your food in a hurry, which will only lead to indigestion.

Staying active usually isn’t a problem for you, but you do get bored easily, so vary both your diet and your activities. Use alcohol sparingly; it does not always agree with your fiery nature.

Element: Earth
Planet: Venus
Quality: Fixed
House: Second
Best Foods: Vegetables and some grains
Worst Foods: Sweets of all kinds
Soothing Herbs: Spirulina, ginseng, licorice root.
You’re truly epicurean, and you love the sensual pleasure that good food and fine beverages provide you. This is all well and good, but you do have a tendency to overindulge! Add to that, you’re usually not one of the more active signs of the zodiac, so any calorie excess is likely to go straight to your hips if you don’t exercise it off!

You also have a tendency to comfort eat, and like most of us, go straight for the carbs! Try to replace the processed foods with fruit, and make sure you walk out your frustrations to keep your waistline trim.

Element: Air
Planet: Mercury
Quality: Mutable
House: Third
Best Foods: Stir fried veggies, and yogurt
Worst Foods: Sweet refined cakes and cookies
Soothing Herbs: Lemon balm, lime balm, cardamom
You live on your nerves, and when you repress your emotions, your stomach will let you know! It’s easy for you to ‘grab and go’ when it comes to eating, but you really need to take time to focus on your diet and sit and eat your meals in a relaxed environment. Digestive issues like flatulence or heartburn come your way fairly easily.

Probiotics will help, but taking time to eat a healthy, balanced diet and giving your body time to correctly assimilate your food will go a long way to keeping your system functioning optimally.

Element: Water
Planet: The Moon
Quality: Cardinal
House: Fourth
Best Foods: Steamed veggies, and honey
Worst Foods: Fried foods, and too much salt
Soothing Herbs: Sage, juniper berries, caraway
You’re known for the way you nurture people, and you do like to make sure they’re fed properly! You may even be a great cook because that’s one way to really fuss over someone and ensure that they’re cared for. In your zest to mother others, you sometimes forget to look after your own needs, leading to poor nutrition and a lack of energy and vitality.

Sometimes you eat too much too, turning to food as an emotional comfort when other people let you down. Try to learn to control your appetite when you’re stressed, disappointed, or afraid. You’ll feel better in the long run.

Element: Fire
Planet: The Sun
Quality: Fixed
House: Fifth
Best Foods: Whole grains, okra
Worst Foods: Milk and milk byproducts
Soothing Herbs: Valerian, mint, sunflower
You’ve got an opulent eye, and you want your food to be rich and decadent, too. You rarely like to dine alone, preferring your companions to be as appealing as your meal. You’re usually pretty good about getting the right nutrition because you have good self-esteem and want to take care of yourself.

You might not excel at or even enjoy cooking, but you do appreciate the time and attention that someone else has put into a tasty dish. Keep your vitamin intake balanced; your stomach is pretty resilient, but your big lion’s heart needs nutrition, too!

Element: Earth
Planet: Mercury
Quality: Mutable
House: Sixth
Best Foods: Quinoa and other ‘ancient’ grains, green vegetables
Worst Foods: Sushi and kelp
Soothing Herbs: Black pepper, turmeric, horehound
It’s best for your sensitive stomach to eat little and often, but care must be taken that the day doesn’t turn into one long episode of grazing! You’re fastidious about your health, and that often spills over into your dietary requirements, too. You hate to throw food away and are a dab hand at using leftovers to create an excellent meal.

When you’re throwing something together, ensure that all of the ingredients are top notch, particularly when it comes to the veggies. You may have a slightly slower than usual metabolism, and need to eat a lot of salads and veggies to keep the pounds away from your posterior!

Element: Air
Planet: Venus
Quality: Cardinal
House: Seventh
Best Foods: Nuts and seeds
Worst Foods: White sugar and white flour.
Soothing Herbs: Hibiscus, jasmine, St Johns Wort
Your relationship with food is nothing less than sensual. You like to taste everything, relishing the appearance, texture, and smell of the dish as well as the actual taste. You probably have a sweet tooth and have trouble saying no when it comes to decadent desserts and wonderful wines.

You’ll often forgo the salad so you can have that extra chunk of chocolate, but that’s not in your best interests! You will have to find at least a bit of discipline, otherwise, you’ll not fit into those designer jeans you’ve got your eye on!

Element: Water
Planet: Pluto
Quality: Fixed
House: Eight
Best Foods: Fish, and rice
Worst Foods: Nuts, and beans
Soothing Herbs: Mullein, parsley, thyme
You approach life with an all-or-nothing mindset, and your dietary needs are not exempt! You’re either ravenous or disinterested in your food. When you’re hungry you can eat people out of house and home, emptying the fridge without even really caring what’s in it. You like unusual food combinations and break the rules when it comes to cooking.

Of all the signs of the zodiac, you’re the one who finds it the easiest to balance any overindulging by watching your food intake for a few days after.


Element: Fire
Planet: Jupiter
Quality: Mutable
House: Ninth
Best Foods: Root vegetables, citrus fruits
Worst Foods: Lunch meat, processed cheese products
Soothing Herbs: Borage, saffron, cumin
You’re ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and you’ll have to watch your waistline—and this goes for all of you who have Jupiter in your first house or conjunct your Ascendant, too! You’re adventurous with your food, and you enjoy trying dishes from other regions and cultures.

Try to avoid overeating; it will go to your hips, and then in true Sagittarius style, you’ll probably try to crash diet it off. Stay active to avoid obesity, and eat a balanced diet to ensure you don’t fall prey to any digestive disorders.

Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn
Quality: Cardinal
House: Tenth
Best Foods: Root vegetables, soups, and stews
Worst Foods: Saturated fats and oils
Soothing Herbs: Rosemary, marjoram, rugosa rose
No matter what you’re doing, your earthy element will always ensure that you find time to enjoy your food! You seek out traditional dishes, and probably have Grandma’s recipe book tucked safely away somewhere. You don’t like to be hurried, and you want the mood around your meal to be relaxed and nurturing.

You’ll indulge in fast food, but prefer something that’s home cooked. Watch your salt levels. Find other ways to season your foods—traditional herbs and seasonings, perhaps—so that you’re not overloading your body with sodium.

Element: Air
Planet: Uranus
Quality: Fixed
House: Eleventh
Best Foods: Sprouted grains and bean sprouts
Worst Foods: Pork, and refined oils
Soothing Herbs: Violet, comfrey, lungwort
You don’t have much of an issue when it comes to eating healthily—in fact, you might even be on the cutting edge of nutritional fads and patterns. You willingly share both your knowledge and your food with others. Sometimes when you’re immersed in what you’re doing you will succumb to eating whatever junk food is offered to you, and this needs to be monitored if you’re going to stay healthy.

You’re also prone to skipping breakfast when you’re busy, and this should be avoided. Grab something in the morning, and kiss the late night snacking goodbye.


Element: Water
Planet: Neptune
Quality: Mutable
House: Twelfth
Best Foods: Fruit, and seafood
Worst Foods: Beans, and bread
Soothing Herbs: Lilac, catnip, honeysuckle
You truly love everything about food—the way it tastes, the way it feels in your mouth, the way it smells as you’re preparing it, and you really appreciate a nicely presented plate. You’re a romantic at heart, and want to create a fairy-tale setting around a meal when you share it with loved ones—from a picnic with your family to a candlelit dinner for two.

Your main obstacle is to accept that not every occasion is going to be a Hallmark production, and not to get too disappointed when things don’t go as planned. As a water sign you need to stay hydrated, so drink plenty of water and avoid excess alcohol.

Every zodiac sign, even every element, has certain foods that work with it, and others that work against it. It doesn’t matter your background or your traditions, you’ll have a preference when it comes to the way your cultural cuisine is prepared and presented.

To really know where your food favorites are found, look to your Moon sign for the emotional connection, and also your rising sign, to see how others perceive your partiality. You might even want to plan to start a diet and fitness routine based on the planetary transits!

If you’re interested in exploring your relationship with food from an astrological perspective, ask your astrologer! A close examination of your 6th house will bring you insight into your attitude toward food while looking into your 4th house reveals your comfort foods and emotional attachment.

If you’re a social eater, that will turn up in the 11th house. The placement of Neptune could show you where you’re deluded, while Uranus might hint at unusual tastes—literally! There’s a lot of fun to be had by interpreting your birth chart in this manner; a lot of food for thought!

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