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Established in 2018, Located in Bangkok Thailand, Professional in gemstone Fine Jewelry and 925 Silver Jewelry Series. Best Price and Best Quality. We particularly specialize in Sterling Silver with gemstones. We support our clients over 185 countries worldwide and many clients to custom their private-label jewelry collection. We help our clients distinguish their silver jewelry product from the market and emphasis on their brand identity.
Our success lies in the ongoing communication with the customer and our expertise in giving full attention to all aspects.

Creating a Partnership that Drives Strong Business Growth

We have a passion for beautiful jewelry and building long-lasting relationships. Our mission is to provide our customers the quality silver jewelry at an unbeatable factory price. That is our promise to you. But most importantly, in partnership with us, we have a strong dedication to contribute to your business growth and set your jewelry business apart from the competition. We provide exclusive service for our customers to create your own signature pieces to create “one-of-a-kind” jewelry to truly call it’s yours.


Dedicated & Trustworthy

You’ll be paired with our dedicated Job Coordinator who specializes in your type of project. Your coordinator is not only knowledgeable in their technical manufacturing and gemology; they have actually worked with silver jewelry manufacturer. Our coordinator will be dedicated to providing exclusive service that allows you to design and make your own every step through your design and customization process. In short, we are helping people. We know you need projects fast, and we hustle to deliver. From overnight castings to speedy customized CADs, you’ll have many top products in no time.

Thailand is A World Leader in Craftsmanship

We take pride in our Business Partnership as silver jewelry Supplier. Using the industry’s top craftspeople including designers, model makers, jewelers, setters, we intricately create an exquisite “one of a kind” jewelry. With the experience in taking care of customers worldwide, we have been serving our customers at all scales with different requests and wide varieties of needs. We are capable of individually customize your order to fit your unique requirement including a certain level of metal finishing, the certain hue of gemstones, the certain level of polished or oxidized, as well as, the most sophisticated breakdown report for your custom purpose or organization’s standard.

One-Stop Service with Cutting-Edge Technology

With our decades of experience as a silver jewelry Supplier, we are bringing an ancient craft to shine with the cutting-edge technology. From our unique craftsmanship techniques and prime manufacturing standards to our world-class sourcing of affordable yet high-quality gems, we are your one-stop solution for all of your jewelry needs. And of course, we do all of this with a keen eye on sustainability and ethics.

Our collection of Semi-precious jewelry is specially designed for the intention of wellbeing, from happiness and kindness to prosperity and abundance.

We also feature necklaces and bracelets for focus and clarity, empowerment, and much more. When you follow your heart, it’s easy to choose the best Semi-precious jewelry for your healing needs. Using the synergistic power of healing crystals, we have designed each piece to maximize its cleansing and restorative powers. Whether you need an all-over chakra to cleanse, a grounding bracelet, or general happiness and balance

we are your one-stop solution for all of your jewelry needs. And of course, we do all of this with a keen eye on sustainability and ethics.

Let’s craft a beautiful business together.

 we have the perfect jewelry for uplifting your soul.

Have any questions or need to get more information about the product? Either way, you’re in the right spot.


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