Hey, Did You Know What Wonders Can Jasmine Do for Health and Beauty?

The word ‘Jasmine’ is derived from the Persian Language which means ‘a fragrant flower’. Jasmine flower is known as ‘Queen of Flowers.’ These are white-coloured, scented flowers found during spring-summer season. A fragrance is the most significant aspect of Jasmine flower. It is widely used in aromatherapy and in scented products. Apart from this benefit, external application of Jasmine flowers also benefits one’s beauty. Since years, Jasmine is used in medicinal preparations to treat various ailments.

Just try this experiment. Take a Jasmine flower and smell its fragrance. It’s mesmerizing fragrance will immediately make you refreshed and pleasant. Your mind will go in a temporary but soothing state of mind. As per a scientific study, Jasmine releases certain chemicals in the brain that reduce depression and anxiety. Hence, smelling a Jasmine flower can relieve oneself from worries and depressive episodes. It might lead the depressed into another state of constructive action that is absolutely necessary to come out of depression. In this article we will explore some important uses of Jasmine for Health and Beauty.

The origin of Jasmine can be traced to the Song Dynasty in China during the 13th century. Surprisingly, it has become a recent trend in these days due to the acceptance by the Western countries. Jasmine tea is mixed with other kinds of tea such as green tea without the need of brewing it. It not only enhances the taste and aroma but also adds large quantities of anti-oxidants into it.

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