Fall Equinox Horoscope – Your Transformation


​It’s been a tough summer for many. Eclipse season and a plethora of retrogrades hit many Earthlings very hard. But we know that life is all about balance; that is what is so exciting about new seasons. Hello, Fall Equinox! We are so happy to see you!

When the Fall Equinox occurs, there is an equal amount of day and night. That is exactly what the word “equinox” means. Equi= equal; nox = night.

On the day of the Fall Equinox, there are equal amounts of day and night. Then on the days that follow, there are just a few minutes less of daylight, with darkness increasing with every passing day until the Winter Solstice occurs. This equality on that day of the Autumn Equinox and the darkness that increases in the days that follow is something that we can apply to our spirituality as well. That’s what we are doing today with your Fall Equinox horoscopes for every zodiac sign.


The Spirituality Of The Fall Equinox

Every calendar year there are four seasons, and each season carries on a special spiritual meaning for Earthlings. In astrology, each Cardinal sign launches a season. Those are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

Spring is about rebirth and new life on Earth, and the celebration of the new life we see in baby chicks and bunnies. Spring is launched by Aries.

Summer is about enjoying these splendors with lovely long days to do it in. Fall is a different story. Summer is launched by Cancer.

Fall is about realizing what needs to fall from our lives, and what is strong enough to remain. Fall is launched by Libra.

Winter is when life on Earth goes to sleep for a little while or experiences mortality. There is more darkness, and this is why many of us feel a little blah during these months. Winter is launched by Capricorn.

As we gear up to close out 2019, we are doing so with our third season of the year, and that is Fall. This will lead us right into Winter, which is launched by the Cardinal sign of the Earth signs, Capricorn.

It requires a spiritual journey into our own flaws. What mistakes have we made this year? What can we let go and just forget about? Sometimes we can just rake those leaves of pain up and pretend they never happened. Sometimes we can gather them up and use them as mulch to fertilize other areas of our lives. Traditions such as this have been used since the ancient days of Greece and Egyptian mythical cultures. They are still used in those cultures today! This is exactly what your Fall Equinox horoscopes are going to look at.

The Sun enters Air sign Libra now. In the Fall, when the Cardinal sign Libra launches Autumn, it’s time for you to take charge of the change. Bookmark these and then bookmark your Daily Horoscopes so that you can use them as your daily roadmap during the Autumn Equinox.

What do YOU need to let fall from your life? What can you leave alone and rooted in the ground to nurture over the Winter? What mulch can you use to nurture existing experiences?

Aries – Time To Play It Cool.

You have been in a bit of a stop and go motion over the Summer, Aries, under eclipse energy. With the launch of Fall, you are ready to pick up where you left off around mid-May of this year. But you want to reinvent the wheel and push forward all systems go. This is not the way to go when it comes to Fall. You need to play it cool and really assess what Universe is asking you to let go of. Relationships are going to come under focus with Fall launching in Libra and in your seventh house of relationships.

Projects or schemes that didn’t work before won’t now, and relationships could be rocky as a result. Financial risks aren’t favored with unconventional Uranus in Taurus and your second house and money sector right now. Use this season to let go of habits and schemes that aren’t in your best karmic interest. When you do, some wonderful financial opportunities that you hadn’t yet explored, or even thought of, open up. Play it cool.


Taurus – Time To Open Up!

You have freedom fighting Uranus in your sign and the first house of self for the next seven years, Taurus, and you are open to an entirely new belief system and set of new beginnings this Fall. Fall is also going to launch with the Sun in Libra and your sixth house of details. With the Sun now in your friend Libra, whom you share ruler Venus with, you are ready to try some new things right now. That will mean a lot of Fall shedding for you, even though you traditionally don’t like Fall.

As the most stubborn of the Fixed signs, you don’t really like embracing new ideas. But with Uranus on your side, you will find that this exactly what you need to do in order to enjoy a new Fall. The Full Moon mid-September is going to help you to decide exactly what you need to fall out of your life this season, and how you can open up to let new things in. If you are stuck on how to work through issues, try a chakra pendulum that will help you to both unwind, and receive answers from the Divine when you do.

Gemini – Time To Behave!

A few alignments during the Autumn Equinox, Gemini, are asking you to heed the call of good behavior. We have authority-driven Saturn turning direct in your eighth house of shared resources and transformations, and so you are going to see a lot of responsibilities rear up when it comes to money, secrets, and karma. Saturn is watching and trying to take shortcuts is going to cost you some karma points, and could lead to some consequences. The Sun in karmic Libra’s house and your fifth house of pleasures is also a reminder that all communication needs to be fair, and harmonious, as you move through the Fall Equinox.

But again, shortcuts aren’t going to cut it under Saturn’s direct energy. In a nutshell, your Summer of being footloose and fancy-free, and maybe getting away with a few things, has come to an end. It’s time to behave! Let go of some old mentalities, and all of these karmic transits are going to reward you immensely.


Cancer – Time To Lead With Love.

Saturn has been working a relationship matter out over the past few months, Cancer, and is going to be touching down in Capricorn before the Equinox to help you close this out. When it does, it will move into your eighth house of transformations that will take your love life to a whole new level under the Equinox. No romantic shortcuts here. Leading with love is the only way to win this one, for the next three months. Karmic Saturn is direct in your relationship house now, and you will find some responsibilities to tend to in partnership matters, whether you want to or not.

Leading with love is a good way to enjoy this Equinox, but you also need to meet needs too. You’ll find this especially helpful on the home front when the Sun enters Libra and your domestic center and the fourth house of roots. Home matters are going to take front and center under this combination of energies. Then, when it’s Scorpio’s turn to shine, you will have some fun. And it will feel good! So it’s time to let karmic crankies fall right now, and face every experience over the next few months with love. At work, at home, in love, in life. Winning!50e3dc424851b108f5d084609621357f153ed7ec4e50744c7d2c78d5944ccc_1280-1024x1024

Leo – Let It Out.

Mum has been the word for you over the past few months, with Saturn working your work sector and the plethora of Virgo energy over the past month working your money sector. You haven’t been too chatty when it comes to interpersonal relationships, because you’ve been focused on practical matters. But your chatty Cathy will be inspired to come out when the Sun enters Libra and your third house of communication when the Fall Equinox hits your communication sector. It’s time to let the quiet Leo fall by the wayside, and let those feelings words come out.

Relationship-oriented Libra is getting a lot of love, and you are ready to get real with someone, and you think it’s The One. There could be a relationship revival, or it could be an old flame reconnecting. Either way, it’s time to put some feelings words on the table. With the Sun in your communication sector, the Universe is saying, dear Leo, it’s time to let it all out. Use your feelings words to win!

Virgo – Let The Money Flow.

You’ve had an intense Summer, Virgo, and have enjoyed some glory with the Sun in your sign. But under the Autumn Equinox, Scorpio energy is picking up steam and touching your communication sector. When the Fall Equinox occurs, the Sun is working in Libra and your second house of earned income. So over the next few weeks, you are going to be focused on practical matters, and this always helps you emotionally. You are the one zodiac sign that should let some emotional matters go, and just drop them for good, and move on with normal life.

And you love that advice. Luck and love follow when you communicate from the heart, and from a fresh page, without worrying about the past. Fall is going to help your practical matters as well with the Sun in Libra and your second house of earned income. Putting your pedal to the metal and letting go of the folks trying to put some gossip in your ear is the most successful way to get through the Fall Equinox.

Libra – Let Go Of Insecurities.

With Virgo energy-consuming much of your emotional center over the course of much of the Summer, your twelfth house of endings and spirituality has been activated, Libra. You’ve been thinking about some endings, and some didn’t pan out, and now, you are glad that was the case. You may be feeling a little blue as the Autumn Equinox arrives, with some twelfth house energy still in play. But with this, your twelfth house angel is by your side, guiding you into the next chapter. There’s no reason to feel blue when the Fall Equinox arrives, it’s your time to shine!

The Sun is pouring its glory on you as it enters your first house of self and is inviting you to feel that boost to your self-confidence and let go of any heavy insecurities you may have been feeling over the Summer and eclipse season. The Sun will boost your self-confidence for the next few weeks, and then when planets collect in Scorpio your self-esteem will see a nice boost as well. That too is going to give you a lucky and confidence boost. So it’s time to say goodbye to anything you thought wasn’t right. It’s right. You are the star of the show now. Enjoy!

54e6dd4a4356a914f6da8c7dda793e7c143fdfec5a4c704c702778d79649c05c_1280-1024x654Scorpio – Let Go Of Outdated Relationship Patterns.

You’ve been learning a lot about relationships over the eclipse season and the last of the Summer energy, Scorpio. Virgo energy has been highlighting your eleventh sense of groups and friendships, and you are now reminded of who means the most to you and what you need to do to keep them. At the same time, Saturn direct in Capricorn is working your third house and the communication sector has both been inspiring you to look deep and find your own self over the last several weeks. It’s been emotional, and it’s been worth it! You are feeling a real rebirth.

But at the same time, it may have been easy for you to slip back into old patterns where you let your fears rule the show. With the Sun entering Libra and your twelfth house of endings activated, your spiritual center is leading you another way. Dreams are going to be potent during the Fall Equinox. Use our Dream Dictionary to help you learn more about them. The Universe is lining up the stars for love for you. Time for you to really enjoy it, this is the real deal!

Sagittarius – Let Go Of Old Karma.

There is a lot of karma in the air, Sagittarius, and you especially are going to be feeling it under the Fall Equinox. You want the leaves of old karma to be falling on the ground for you under this energy. Emotions could feel heavy and hidden for the first part of this season, as Saturn has just turned direct in your second house of money. You are busy busy busy but also really trying to work through some karmic issues. Let it go. Just do what you have to do and Saturn direct will help everything fall into place. Until then though, you need to let go of some old karma if you want a lucky year ahead. And it’s a very lucky year indeed!

Your social sector lights up when the Sun enters Libra and your eleventh house of groups and friendships. Remembering who you can lean on under this energy is going to help you release old karma tremendously. With planets arriving in Scorpio soon, you are going to learn a lot about yourself, and what you really need to let fall to the ground before Winter begins. You’ll know it when you see it, Sag. You just need to listen to those signs when they arrive.

Capricorn – Let Go Of Bad Connections.

It’s exciting to be you, Capricorn! Saturn, your ruler, has just turned direct in your sign and your first house of self, and productivity is flowing. Your favorite time of year! Your money and work opportunities are lighting up once the Fall Equinox occurs in Libra, Capricorn. Old karma regarding negative influences is best removed from your life so that you can use the upcoming work and money opportunities to their fullest potential.

Under Libra energy, your tenth house of career destiny and public image is activated for several weeks and your work life is just humming. So with all of this career energy picking up steam, you want to take the time now to let negative influences fall by the wayside. Out with the old and in with the new season. It will be easy for you, and you will know exactly who you need to remove and when.

Aquarius – Let Go Of The Stress.

You’ve been dealing with a lot of personal drama over the past Summer months, Aquarius, and the Fall Equinox presents some opportunities for you to let those leaves fall to the ground as they may. You’ll have the energy to chase them too! You may have too much energy! But use that excess energy that Saturn direct is sending your way to burn off some of these little stresses that may trickle into the launch of the season.

It’s time to stop worrying about what others need, and other people’s drama, and just do what you got to do for you. Additionally, when the Sun enters Libra and your ninth house of Big Picture matters, you are seeing the entire puzzle come together in a beautiful and harmonious way. That is what is really going to shine a light on what stress you need to let go. So let the stress leaves fall where they may. Not your problem!

Pisces – Let Go Of The Rose-Coloured Glasses.

You’ve been in a little fantasy land over the summer, Pisces, but it may be time for you to enjoy some back to reality time when the Autumn Equinox occurs. You have many transits touching your money sectors, and you are going to need a clear head. At the same time, you choose to take action on some issues with some true depth. It’s time to get out of the fantasyland, just for a little, now and then, and tackle those issues with your authentic self.

To do so, you need to shed some skin, and that means getting rid of some of the mentalities that your rose-colored glasses are viewing. The Full Moon in your sign mid-month is going to amplify your first house of self. But if you are looking at life through a different lens, you will miss something beautiful. Time to let the sunglasses fall into the Summer heavens. It’s a beautiful world for you when you do, Pisces.

time where the Sun moves position, into the zodiac constellation of Libra, and there is for one moment this year an equal amount of daylight and darkness. Then, darkness falls a little bit more each and every day until the Winter Solstice. From a spiritual and astrological standpoint then, we use the Fall Equinox, and the Autumn season, to examine what we are letting fall from our lives to nurture our Higher Selves.



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