Explore the Crafts & Culture of the Kingdom

Thailand have wide range of handmade crafts from all regions of Thailand and to introduce you to some of the artisans who have created them.
When grouped together, Thai handicraft are an exciting blend of the many diverse ethnic cultures and traditions found within this Kingdom. In spite of some adaptation, the age-old culture and ethnic origins of these artisans shout loudly from these page. These are craft skills of love which involve much time, patience and talent. Crafts are vitally important as means of preserving the traditional life value of community life and protecting the environment in Thailand

There is a sophisticated simplicity in the craft designs of the Karen, a tribal minority living in Thailand’s northwestern hills. The ethnic motifs and matte finish of their traditional silver reflect their affinity with nature as featured in the appealing jewelry skillfully adopted for contemporary lifestyle. Thai Craft’s silver is of the highest grade and intricately assembled, deserving the care of any delicate artwork.

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