Ethical fashion Spring / Summer 2020 show


Ethical fashion: should responsible brands be rewarded? Yes, according to Stella McCartney

On the eve of her Spring / Summer 2020 fashion show, Stella McCartney explains why incentives in the fashion industry could help the planet.

On the eve of her Spring / Summer 2020 runway, British designer Stella McCartney gathered journalists and activists at a roundtable at the Palais Garnier to answer the following question: “We have seen millions of people walk [for the environment] this week, but few actors in the fashion industry have relayed these images – how can we encourage them to make eco-friendly fashion desirable? “

In the days following the passionate speech of young Greta Thunberg at the UN Climate Summit, the lack of consideration of the fashion industry for the environmental cause was singled out during the month of fashion. Several designers have used the catwalks of their spring-summer 2020 collections to raise awareness and raise awareness of the environmental cause.

This is particularly the case of Maria Grazia Chiuri, artistic director of Dior, who worked with the color urban plantation collective to populate the podium of 170 trees from various nurseries in Europe, which will be replanted after the parade

“We are aware that we are part of the problem, but we are thinking about what we can do through our activities to improve the situation,” says Clare Bergkamp, Stella McCartney’s Director of Innovation and Sustainability.

These efforts include the development of new technologies – the result of many years of research at Stella McCartney Ltd – that has given the brand a head start in terms of sustainability, and shared with the rest of the industry lessons learned from his experience. The label works with, for example, Bolt Threads, a San Francisco-based biotechnology company that produces fibers from spider silk, or Mylo TM, a mushroom-based leather.

Stella McCartney does not pretend to be the solution to the environmental crisis, but she offers sound advice to both consumers and her colleagues in the fashion industry.

On what consumers can do:

Stella McCartney: “Stop eating meat is obvious, yes, it’s scary, we’re all scared and we do not want to feel guilty, but we also need to be aware of the environmental impact of leather and animal glue used in fashion The next time you buy a bag or pair of shoes, ask yourself if you really need it. “

Attracting the talents of future generations:
Stella McCartney: “I am a privileged person, I grew up on an organic farm and I knew the rhythm of the seasons My parents were vegetarians, agents of change – I kept this vision of the world in my work to create a product that remains sexy, desirable, and luxurious. People who want to work in fashion today (and this will be even more pronounced in five or fifteen years) are looking for ethical companies – and this is good for all industries, they want to work for someone who has moral values, what I do every day in my work is to try to put in place best practices within the company. fashion industry. “

On the need to educate ourselves about the origin of clothes:

Stella McCartney: “I try to encourage people to become aware of what we eat. The artificial silk (also called viscose) comes from wood pulp. year, no less than 150 million trees were cut down to produce viscose, one of the most popular textiles in fashion, and I spent three years looking for solution – and 100% of our pulp now comes from a responsibly managed forest in Sweden – that’s the kind of knowledge I want to share with industry – we need to provide consumers with the information they need to better understand and change their buying habits. “

To encourage the fashion industry to become greener: Stella McCartney: “Designers need encouragement, incentives, I’ve been following these green practices all my career, but I’m penalized when I import property I’m taxed up to 30% more because the product is not leather. It should instead reward people who try to do things better. “

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