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You & The Aquarius Full Moon

August brings a Full Moon in Aquarius which promises to bring you a heightened awareness of global issues and inventive ideas you can bring to the table. You will easily see how to connect the dots with the energy of this Fixed Air sign that has great mental power. It is a time where you will feel energy pushing you forward to take action, but before you do… Every Full Moon comes with its own unique energy that is basically a combination of what all the stars and planets are doing at that time. There are some really exciting energies visiting now with the Full Moon in Aquarius that can bring you news about the seeds you planted on July 31st, the New Moon. You may feel more alive and better able to express yourself as well because Aquarius has a way with words. It can feel like you are flying – think double espresso energy- but this sense of optimism and rebellion needs to be kept under control so you don’t burn yourself out. Today, let’s talk Aquarius Full Moon energy and how best to use it.

Major Aspects of the Full Moon in Aquarius

The Full Moon is opposite Venus, which doesn’t mean flowers and rainbows when it comes to love. Here is how this Full Moon blast of confidence might trip you up. Check this out: the Sun is in confident Leo, so we are already feeling ourselves, right? Now add in flamboyant and charming Aquarius who knows no fear and connects easily to all types of people. The final player in this quirky equation is Venus, the planet of romance is clogging our emotional pipes. That means we are at odds with or frustrated in love. We may be so fed up that we make impulsive decisions to end or begin things that we really have no business embarking upon in the first place. If you want to be wiser than the people who aren’t in the know about this energy, steer clear of making bold moves with new lovers or taking big stances in your relationship because you know your lens might be a bit cloudy right now. Wait until the storm settles before acting. If you remember one thing from this article, remember this, “sleep on it, not with it.” A Full Moon brings us the things we have been actively working on since the New Moon two and a half weeks prior. But remember, just because something shows up, doesn’t mean we have to move forward with it. We may realize, we need to go back and ask for something more specific. Ask yourself if you’re settling or if you feel like this is it.

weekly-astro-july-8-850x2505 Tips for Using the Aquarius Full Moon’s Energy

  • Hold Up Somewhere
Go for a power walk in nature, commit to a good book, or paint. Whatever you can do to channel your extra energy right now to not make a decision you later regret would be well advised. Plan to spend your day meditating, not medicating.
  • Practice Self Restraint
You may feel like you’re riding a wild horse, therefore, it’s up to you to take those reins and guide it. Impulse control will help you channel all this energy into something useful like purging your closet’s meaningless items and even banishing seductive treats from your refrigerator that has no business being there.
  • Build Projects, Not Problems
When you have a lot of energy like we know the Full Moon brings, you will want to channel it into something productive. Otherwise, your emotions can come out in a messy and uncontrolled way, even directed at the closest person to you, which is just not going to help your personal relationships.
  • Get Into Your Spiritual Life
Aquarius has very spiritually-inclined energy; they let their minds soar above the day-to-day tasks. You can spend some time getting rid of habits that are not aligned with your purpose and add some spiritually inspiring activities to your agenda. Attend a meditation, join an online meditation, or find a book that really calls to you. Do some journaling and create an altar to help you stay tuned into your soul.
  • Do An Energy Clearing
Break out the sage and clear your house. Clean the baseboards and get rid of clutter. When you clear your space, it helps you get clear in your mind as well. Release the past as you get rid of the old energy in your place and bring in fresh positive space for the new opportunities that you’ve been manifesting.

Closing Thoughts…

Use this bold energy to uphold the inner humanitarian in you. What brings you purpose and meaning and how is your life aligned with that higher goal? It is never too late to live a meaningful and fulfilling life and this Full Moon is the perfect time to set your direction towards your soul’s calling. You have the extra confidence – the extra push from Universal forces – to finally move into the truest version of yourself that has been ready to claim its place at the table of this lifetime. You’ve probably heard mention of the Full Moons we’ve already had this year, and this one is referred as the Sturgeon Full Moon – quite fitting because just as the name suggests, it is time to catch fish. We can also catch some serious luck and abundance on this day as well! There is an abundance of energy that is working to help you so get excited. More than any other Full Moon that 2019 has to offer, this one can help you make your big break. Looking at the other energies on any major event will help you understand why you’re feeling the way you are and why people are acting the way they are. Uranus went retrograde August 11th while Jupiter went direct on August 12th. We will start to see the inner rebel because of Uranus retrograde and we feel ready to expand because of Jupiter direct. We also will see things open to us because August 15th also marks the end of the post shadow of Mercury retrograde. Let’s plan to be able to look back with a smile and say that Full Moon August offered me was a major life turning point in a positive direction.

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