Discover the Power of Chakra Healing

​Discover the Power of Chakra Healing

Ever feel like you are just not yourself? Or maybe you are feeling like the proverbial hamster on the wheel, spinning and spinning and spinning and going nowhere fast. We all go through these phases. Sometimes in our lives, they feel more severe than others. And they can be, and this can lead to serious problems such as anxiety or depression.

A lot of the times a key concern in our lives that leads to our overall sense of safety and security starts as this little seed planted, and then blows out of proportion. All of this energy boils down to our Root chakra. That is the little energy wheel in your body that controls your sense of security.

When you feel like you are running around like a hamster on a wheel, some of that has to do with the health of your Root chakra. Let’s have a look at this today because your Root chakra not only controls your emotional security but your financial security as well. Today we are going to explore a variety of different kinds of Root chakra exercises so that you can begin to feel more secure in every way

Understand the Root Chakra

discover these untapped energy potentials in your own body. Chakras are the system of energy wheels that our body has, for a total of 7. Each energy wheel is invisible and has its own function.

The Root chakra is the first chakra and is located at the base of your spine. Each chakra has a corresponding color and purpose, as well as an element and animal.

The Root chakra is located near your tailbone and is the chakra that keeps you feeling grounded. If this energy center is in good shape, you feel secure and safe in your life. You may not be wealthy, but you are confident about who you are as a person. If it is a little out of whack, you may feel some anxiety. It’s that kind of edgy feeling you get when you need money suddenly to pay a big bill, or lose your job.

You feel like you lost your footing a little bit. The thing in your life that kept you feeling grounded has suddenly been pulled up.

Best-case scenario, it’s a bad day. Worst-case scenario, it leads to something like anxiety and depression. So you need a variety of tools at your disposal to keep this chakra humming.

Because when it is, you feel like you can take on the world. And when you feel like that, you DO. And that means you’ll never be stressing on a hamster wheel about your bottom line again.

The Color Red

It’s important to feel grounded in our lives if we want to do well when it comes to making money. If we have anxiety or depression, then we are not going to have a good workday, if we can even get there at all. The power of red offers energy to help reboot your Root chakra. You can do that through food, clothing, and crystal healing.

Crystal healing is a powerful way to counteract negative energy flows. For the Root chakra, start with red crystals such as red jasper and red carnelian. Bloodstone, while green, has red spots that allow you to align your Root chakra.

Food that is red will also help you, but you want to look for healthy options or protein-rich options. Red meat when your Root chakra is out of whack will help, but you also will have to choose healthy options. Beets are very effective at boosting the immune system and your Root chakra. Strawberries, red peppers, tomatoes, and cherries, are all great ways to do the same.

Root Chakra Exercises:

There are a number of low-impact exercises and yoga poses that will help you to connect with your Root chakra. Here are a few to start.

  1. Sit on the floor with shoulders back and your back straight. Try and relax. Close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply three times. Do this again until you feel centered and rooted to the ground.

  2. Start seated again; try and sit as straight as you can. Clear your head by trying to breathe in and breathe out for about 10 seconds. Do this until a calming feeling arrives. Now you want to pay attention to any physical sensations at the base of your spine. Is it feeling tight? Is it feeling relaxed? Stay centered and breathing until any tightness goes away, and this should be replaced by an overall sense of calm. Use your healing crystals and red colors around you to help attract positive energy flows into this energy center.

  3. Visualize a glowing red orb around the base of your spine. Sit or lie down in a way that feels comfortable. Be relaxed, wear loose-fitting clothes, or just whatever you feel good in. Now breathe in, breathe out, and really concentrate on each breath in, and each breath out. Focus on that red orb encapsulating your entire body. You will reach a point where you feel confident and grounded. That means you’ve just tuned up your Root chakra

4. Aromatherapy for the Root chakra also works well. When meditating or trying to get out of an anxiety funk, use ylang-ylang, rosemary, patchouli, and sandalwood essential oils for your Root chakra. A simple Serenity Oil works wonders as well.
  1. Take a shower. There’s something about being clean that helps us feel productive and relaxed. Connect with the Water element in a way that cleanses. A swim, dip in a jacuzzi, or a long bath, works wonders at clearing the head and aligning your Root chakra.

Final Thoughts…

And that’s it! Everything you need to know to keep your Root chakra in shape. Stay clean, stay calm, and meditate on. And when you really need a confidence boost, don the red colors and get your power glow on. It’s that time of year to keep your Root chakra singing. When you do, your bank account wins. And so does everyone in your life!


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