Crystals & Harms

Crystals can be used for any and everything these days using them for protection!
Stones have been used in protective amulets for ages. Today, they come in all shapes and sizes, carved or tumbled or raw, mounted in rings or pendants or other settings.
Most stones can be programmed to do what you want them to do, but there are some stones which are naturally more protective than others. Let’s take a closer look.
General Protection
If you can only afford one stone or only want one go-to stone for your protection, choose turquoise” It spans all cultures and was revered when it came to luck, empowerment, and protection. The earliest turquoise beads date back over 7,000 years, so you’ve also got the ancestral forces working with you when you wear it!
Turquoise is worn to protect from injury, for luck when having surgery, for attracting friends, and to bring events to a fortunate conclusion. It’s said to guard possessions from theft or vandalism, and to help those who work in electronics to stay safe from the electromagnetic waves.
It’s a strengthening stone, and works wit chakra to bring about empowerment and understanding.
Protection from Physical Harm
Tourmaline is an incredibly protective stone when it comes to keeping your person safe. All tourmaline works, but the black tourmaline is particularly emphatic. It grounds the energies, and can be programmed to send out a message that says, “Don’t mess with me.”
It’s one of the most effective stones for shielding off people who want to drain you of your own vitality by constantly moaning or whining about things.
Tourmaline also works on the skeletal system, and you can program it to assist you with good posture and a strong stance. Bullies and other malicious people will think twice about bothering you if you appear confident and capable of taking care of yourself. It will support you in meeting your basic needs
obsidian“is one of the most powerful protectors you can have when someone is chucking spells in your general direction. It’s a combination of fire and earth, as obsidian is molten lava that has cooled down to form glass. Wear it as an arrowhead, to point that unwanted energy right back to its source. It’s not the most comforting stone, and it shouldn’t be.
There’s nothing comfortable about going into psychic battle with someone! Sheen obsidian is the best for this, although other types will also work. Some sheen obsidian called ‘rainbow obsidian’ almost looks like an eye peering out of the stone. That’s what you want; a crystal ally that sees spell work coming and repels it before it even gets to you
Obsidian cuts right to the heart of things; this is why so many ritual knives are knapped from obsidian stone.

It’s easy to obtain all of these stones fairly inexpensively via mail order. Choose a reputable seller, and see pictures of the actual stones you’re going to purchase, rather than just a stock photo. It’s important that you resonate with the energy of the stone; you’re going to become close friends!
If you can handle the stone before you purchase it, at a metaphysical shop or psychic fair, for example, that’s even better.You’ll also want to cleanse your stone before you use it, and regularly throughout its use. This stone is your shield, your defense, your collaborator. It absorbs and repels the negative energies so that you don’t have to deal with them. Yes, it’s only a rock, but it’s also one that is working with you to keep you safe, confident, and at peace with your life.

Treat it with respect, and you might just be surprised at how bonded you become.

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