Crystals for Spiritual Connection

Topaz This can help us create a clear vision of what we want to manifest. Sun energy comes with this crystal helping us to recharge and feel joyful.
It can help you tune into which path of abundance is in your highest good.
As an amplifier, it’s great to use in meditation to visualize, but you can also wear it to feel happy and attract opportunities through your own attitude.

Think of this as the intention magnifier. Best Crystals for Spiritual Connection will adjust your frequency by bringing to light what needs healing in your energy field. Its energy is intense in that it will allow you to face your subconscious fears to debunk them. It’s known as a stone of ascension because it allows you to perceive situations from a higher vibration almost instantly.

Many people choose to use it in doses and not wear it all the time because of its strong energy. You may not want to use it when you need to take care of day-to-day tasks but utilize it when you’re ready to meditate and do your inner work.Its violet color aids us in bringing spiritual energies into our mind. It helps eliminate fear so we can sense our own spiritual abilities. It can help us feel more peaceful by allowing us to let go of frustration we may be unconsciously holding onto from past experiences.This is a great way to awaken the third eye and cleanse your aura so you can vibrate with higher frequency spiritual guides.
Known as the healer’s stone, it conducts a lot of energy. Its blue colour resonates with our communication center so we can tune into spiritual messages. It raises your vibration quickly and removes emotional blocks that may be keeping you from connecting to your spiritual self and higher consciousness.It is protective and great to use in your meditations to allow pure spiritual guidance to reach you.

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