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Romance and intimacy are important parts of our lives. We could be starting out in a relationship which is exciting and fresh; we could be in a relationship or marriage where the romance has fizzled out; we could be single and looking for ‘the one’ – so many scenarios that express just how much of an impact this area of life has on our own.
So, it can be very handy knowing which crystals are best for intimacy and romance. This can be especially helpful to know if we are looking to spice up our relationships. Often, the best crystals in this area are orange and red in color as they represent sensuality and passion. These are also fittingly the colors of the Sacral and Root chakras.
We may want a little more adventure and excitement, but this can be tricky when other aspects of life get in the way. The following crystals can help open up our sensual sides, as well as attract a new love into our life.

Orange Carnelian
The orange carnelian crystal is particularly good for women as it brings vitality back to a woman’s sexual organs. It helps to bring “sex back to life” so to speak; if other duties in life have been weighing heavily on you, so much that even the idea of sex has become a chore, then orange carnelian can help bring back that flame and passion that was once so enjoyable.
Smoky Quartz
This is a good crystal for people who may have hang-ups about sex that could involve guilt or distaste, sometimes stemming from experiences they had when they were younger. Smoky quartz helps people realize that sex is healthy and normal, and not something to be ashamed of. Wearing this crystal can help boost confidence in one’s sex life so that inhibitions or lack of confidence do not hold them back.
Red Jasper
Red jasper is a powerful crystal for strengthening the libido and keeping things passionate and exciting all night long! It is a creative stone that encourages its wearer to have fun and enjoy the sensual, physical nature of the human body. It inspires confidence and vitality, helping to bring adventure and excitement to a relationship that may have become mundane or dull. It is a powerful stone for boosting one’s own personal beliefs about sex and driving them into a healthy, fulfilling direction.
Rose Quartz
An excellent crystal for love in all forms. This romantic stone helps promote trust and love between two people, clearing away any blockages that may cause mistrust, anger, resentment or bitterness towards the other person. Rose quartz helps promote innocence in a relationship and exemplifies ‘young love,’ and reigniting young love even in old relationships. It also promotes self-love and encourages a sense of worth and confidence in people who lack love for themselves.
Pink Topaz
Also known as the ‘soulmate crystal,’ pink topaz is particularly potent for attracting your soulmate. If you are single or dissatisfied, wearing or carrying a piece of pink topaz can help attract your soulmate to you. They may not always be the person you expected, but they will be the one who is right for you. This crystal helps send vibrations out to bring your other half closer to you.

How to Use Crystals
One of the best ways to use crystals for love and intimacy is to place them under your pillow (where all the action usually takes place!) This can help re-energize you all night and keep the fire burning bright!
Another way to do so is to place them directly over your body so you can awaken your chakras that are linked to love and sexuality (like the Sacral and Heart chakras). It is beneficial to do this several times a day at first until you start to notice a difference in increased sexual appetite.
Alternatively, the crystals that are able to get wet could benefit you in the form of an intimate bath! Placing the crystals in water can help you soak up their energies – even better if you can do it with your partner!
Concluding Thoughts…

There’s no denying that no one is an expert when it comes to romance and intimacy. This area is so vast, complex, and different for everyone, with different people requiring different needs and holding different beliefs, that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ way of doing things. What these crystals can do, however, is help assist you in your own unique and individual way so that you can have a happy, fulfilling romantic and sexual life.
As with all things that crystals are involved in, do what feels right for you and then let the crystals work their magic!

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