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Crystal earrings are always a great choice for you if you want to glam up your looks. In addition, crystal earrings always have such rich texture and detailing that they look so precious and feminine.

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Since the weather is more welcoming now, many ladies prefer to celebrate their wedding, birthday or any type of special occasion, it is very appropriate to explore further the beauty of the crystal earrings.

In today’s blog post you will be able to learn different styling tips and types of crystal earrings that you can wear according to your preferences and occasion. There are many kinds, therefore there will be little something for every type of lady.

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1. Dazzling statement crystal earrings for elegant looks

The statement crystal earrings are very appropriate for special occasions. They will gently sparkle and make your elegant style much more interesting and dazzling.

However, it is still possible to jazz up your casuals, but you definitely need to be careful about how you mix and match your clothes and accessories.

Crystal earrings, flare dress

If you own a pair of silver crystal earrings that don’t have any colors on them, then you can try to go for colorful outfits, especially in the spring and summer times. Here, the only thing that is important if you want to be super fashionable and modern is to check for the popular colors for the season.

Street style, crystal earrings, casual look

On the other hand, if you want to rock these statement earrings to work you can go for skinny jeans, a cute top, blazer and of course a pair of heels to make your style more elegant. Feel free to get colorful heels to make your jeans and top everyday outfit more attractive.

Crystal earrings, statement earrings


Any of these two dazzling pairs of crystal earrings could be very good for elegant looks. However, feel free to wear them with more daily looks as well.

2. Crystal ear cuffs for a cool glam look

If you want to be cool, yet glamorous, a pair of crystal ear cuffs are a great option. Ear cuffs look very majestic and interesting on the ear. They definitely attract the eye and instantly make the look more outstanding.

Ear cuffs with crystals, street style, fashionista

It is possible to wear ear cuffs with very simple outfits because they are appropriate for chic as good as casual looks. Many ladies actually prefer to wear them with their casual looks to make them more fashionable and modern.

Turtled neck top with blazer, crystal ear cuffs

However, based on the design of the ear cuffs, you can even rock them to the office with no effort. Style your normal working outfits and add this dazzling and shiny piece of jewelry and you will be certain to receive many compliments.

Ear cuffs with crystals


The beauty of the ear cuffs is undeniable for sure. But these asymmetrical ear cuffs Hare just unreal. They will perfectly match with any kind of a look, therefore don’t hesitate to check them out.

3. Dangling crystal earrings for a feminine style

In contrast, if you like something more subtle, feminine and appropriate for every day you can go for tiny dangling crystal earrings. They are super comfortable and easy to pair with all kinds of looks and other accessories.


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When wearing similar earrings, you don’t need to worry about having too many colors, prints or detailing on your clothes. You can style them with sneakers, heels, sandals or whatever your favorite style is. They will simply add a touch of glamour and shininess to your outfits but in a very discrete way.

Delicate dangle earrings

However, depending on their design, these earrings are also great for special occasions such as weddings, prom, birthday or party events, which makes them very adjustable and versatile. Meaning you will end up with a pair of timeless earrings that will always be trendy and come in handy.

Delicate earrings


Whether you like it silver and gold or colorful, these two amazing pairs of earrings with crystals on them. They could be great for special occasions as well as for casual days. Feel free to take a look by clicking on the links above.

4. Colorful crystal earrings for a joyful summer style

Spring and summer just call for anything bright and colorful, therefore do not pass away the colorful statement crystal earrings that you could be afraid to purchase because it looks like a huge challenge styling them.

Colorful crystal earrings, hoop earrings

Colorful earrings with crystal, in fact, look hard to pair, but it is actually easy if you follow a couple of suggestions. For example, don’t go for anything crazy with your hair meaning if you want to do a hairdo – make it simple and feminine. Or, just leave your hair so the wind can play with it.

Colorful crystal earrings, street style

Or, pick up a color from your earrings and work your way to your outfit. Simply try to stay in the same theme as your earrings and color palette. These earrings look very luxurious and are so rich in color. They will give an instant interest to any of your looks.

Colorful crystal earrings, statement earrings


These colorful crystal earrings are so modern and rich in texture. They will go perfectly with summer dresses and elegant outfits. Don’t hesitate to check them out!

5. Glam crystal earrings for special occasions

Again, crystal earrings are just perfect for special occasions. They can suit your wedding dress, prom dress, cocktail party dress or any type of glam event you have on your agenda. If you want a super glam look, it is better to focus on earrings of one color.

Glam crystal earrings

For example, these golden crystal earrings look so precious, yet they are very easy to style with detailed dresses. For a classy look you can dress up with a simple black dress, but if you want to be interesting and fashionable, go for something extravagant.


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Crystal earrings with a crystal, blue crystal earrings

If you know how to style colors and textures, then you can add a pop of color to your glam look to make it outstanding. Especially, when the weather is warm and calls for more joyful looks. However, try to keep your hair simple so you don’t end up looking tacky or people pointing you with the finger.

6. Stud earrings with crystals for a dazzling look

Stud earrings will always be the most preferred pair of earrings. No wonder why! They are so comfy, feminine, easy to style and never go out of style. Super timeless and classy, yet able to give you the extra sparkle that you look was missing.

Stud earrings with crystals

These tiny jewelry pieces could literally go with all your looks. You can get yourself a colorful pair for the summer times or stick to the all times favorite silver and gold crystal stud earrings.

Feel free to glam up your look by adding fashionable clothes and a pair of heels. Or, keep it casual and comfy with a pair of sneakers or sandals.

Crystal stud earrings

You can style your stud earrings according to your preferences. For example, if you want a girly or feminine look, then add something with laces, ruffles, crochet detailing and then add the earrings that will adapt according to your clothes.

Delicate crystal earrings


Here are two pairs of stud earrings with crystal detailing. They look very modern, girly and appropriate for any time of the year, styled with any type of a look.

7. Stacked earrings with crystals for a trendy look

Another way to rock your favorite crystal earrings is by combining a couple of pairs together in a stacked way. If you don’t have many piercings, you can also use the fake ones and achieve this trendy and modern stacked look.

Stack of crystal earrings

Here you can get imaginative and add as much as little earrings you prefer. In addition, feel free to wear all of your favorite types of crystal earrings together.

For example, a combination of stud earrings with hoop earrings is very sexy and modern at the moment. This way you will balance out your style perfectly.

Stack of crystal earrings, hoop earrings with crystal

Or, many ladies like to wear different sized crystal hoop earrings to show their love for hoops and creative skills. Crystal hoop earrings look very opulent. This style is appropriate for your daily styles or night out lavishing looks.

8. Chain earrings with crystals for a delicate style

Chain earrings became very popular lately. They are very delicate, yet big enough to make a statement. These earrings are perfect for a night out girly looks or daily dressy styles. In addition, it is possible to style these earrings with heels or sneakers.

Chain earrings with crystals

Feel free to wear these earrings with a stack of rings, bracelets or a delicate necklace. Also, based on your preferences you can wear your hair down or make a cute hairstyle that goes with the rest of your outfit. The tiny crystals will gently sparkle as you walk around.


Chain earrings with crystals


925 Sterling Silver Unique Crystal Dangle Earrings Sterling Silver 925 Natural Stone Red Coral Circle Earrings

These two chain earrings are very sleek, modern and remarkable. They will definitely help you to enhance your style and make it more fashionable. Feel free to check them out by clicking on links below the photo.

9. Super trendy crystal earrings for a remarkable style

If you happen to be a fashion follower, then these following styling tips and ideas will be definitely for you. These jewelry pieces are so sparkling with a truly unique design that will spice up any of your styles.

In addition, these earrings with crystals are great for special occasions or to make your daily looks more fashionable.

Galaxy inspired earrings, crystal earrings

For example, any type of earrings with celestial elements is a must-have in one’s wardrobe. They look very magical, mysterious and girly, especially when you pair them with more feminine outfits. These crystal earrings could be even great for a wedding or a prom night.

Statement earrings with crystals

Yet, if you prefer something more subtle, but still making a statement – we got your back. In addition, these spiky earrings with a crystal in the middle look very eye-catching, comfortable and interesting enough to give a twist to your style. You can even wear them with elegantly sports looks.

Crystal earrings, statement earrings

We offer you these two amazing pairs of earrings with crystals that are very adjustable and comfortable to wear all day long. They are great for travel purposes, special occasions, parties or whenever you want to glam up your daily outfits.

crystal earrings, crystal.gif

Finally, I hope you find interesting and informative this blog post about crystal earrings. Don’t be afraid to wear things that you haven’t worn before or anything that is shiny or colorful.

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In addition, these crystal earrings are more easy to combine with outfits than you think, therefore let your girly side of your personality be happy. The slight sparkle will enhance your daily or nightly outfits with no effort so definitely check them out.

crystal earrings, delicate earrings.gif

Furthermore, feel free to leave a comment which is your favorite type of crystal earrings and how do you like to style. Also, if you liked this blog post, feel free to hit the like button.

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