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How to Style Sterling Silver Jewelry to pull off 8 Hottest Jewelry Trends,
Fresh From the 2020 Runways

How to wear Sterling Silver jewelry to create the edgy and chic style and pull off the 2019 trend? After all, our favorite jewelry accessories get their new level on the 2019 runways. The main jewelry trends in 2019 include the abundance of stones, multi-layering, large-scale parts, and asymmetry. Seasonal must-haves include chokers, trad earring shapes taken to extremes, and throwback charm belt, but Spring’s most expansive trend had designers thinking outside of the ( Sterling Silver jewelry) box, using necklaces or earrings as structural support for their pieces, or adorning them with gem-like embellishments that eliminate the need for any add-ons.

These are fun trends and the point is to be creative, let’s mix and match these trends to Sterling Silver jewelry. Turn the exquisite timeless jewelry to the stylish and chic look for everyday occasion


Layer and Stack Sterling Silver Jewelry
The world is catching on to runway’s more-is-more approach to jewelry. As often as not this season, models’ fingers were laden with rings, bracelets were stacked up arms, and necklaces were layered with abandon. We think it’s best to concentrate on one or two parts of your body you’d like to layer – neck and fingers or wrists and ears. You want to keep it cool and sophisticated rather than messy and overwhelming!

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Start with simple layering. It’s good to mix bold statement Sterling Silver jewelry pieces with fine and delicate ones. Don’t save that flashy jewelry for a special occasion — go ahead and pair it with your simpler go-to pieces to make a statement all day, every day. The key to a successful layered jewelry look is selecting items that share a common element and creating contrast with different lengths, thicknesses, and placement. Layering silver jewelry is a great way to put your favorite baubles on full display, creating the perfect arm party, ear stack, or cascading necklace effect isn’t always as effortless as it seems.capture-20190725-172229


Sterling Silver Ring in Rectangular Shape VS Doubled Rings ++
If we talk about jewelry trends in rings, we can’t forget about massive rectangular Sterling Silver rings that can be worn in pairs or even on every finger. Also doubled and tripled rings that should be worn on phalanx or nails will be back into the fashion world. If you put Sterling Silver jewelry on the top of your gloves, you will totally get in trend. So the main thing is to remember that sets of unusual fashion rings are a win-win option! Do not be afraid to combine your Silver rings and to show your crazy imagination.

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Sterling Silver Jewelry in Geometric Shapes VS Beyond the Shoulder Duster
Talking about jewelry trends in 2019, it is impossible not to talk about earrings. It is believed that the earrings give ladies femininity, sophistication, and attractiveness. Large silver earrings simply cannot be missed in the 2019 season, And the classic hoops got a new makeover, hoops got a crafty redo and some filling in for heightened drama. The most popular products will totally have geometric Sterling Silver earring: squares, rhombuses, triangles, and spirals.

This year’s collections appear in asymmetry and angular style. And elongated earrings should look rough and solid. Long, hanging almost to the shoulders jewelry earrings, you have to be maximally original. And the most important thing is that these earrings are worn by women of absolutely all ages. And this means that such a wonderful trend has no restrictions neither for age nor for style.

Bracelet Dance with Sterling Silver Jewelry
Your hands should look well maintained always, especially since the popularity of large and noteworthy jewelry bracelets of 2019 season. Particularly relevant will be stacks of mismatched Sterling Silver jewelry cuffs and bangles. The appeal of layering Sterling Silver jewelry is twofold. On the one hand, it is a stealthy and fearless way of wearing your bling on your sleeve. On the other hand, it is a way of playing with texture, shape, and design. During 2019 fashion will also include bracelets with glittering stones, chains and thinned-threads with beads. Particular popularity will as well receive handmade bracelets. Such products should be done in the tone of clothing, or be so bright as to become the central element of the whole image.



Sterling Silver Chokers VS Chain with a pendant
What jewelry is the most popular? Of course, jewelry items for the neck! That is just because such adornments could be into the image quite easily, as laconic silver chokers are suitable even for business style and can be worn over shirt collar. Large sparkling Sterling Silver necklaces in the boho style look great both with light floral dresses and broad-shouldered massive jackets. Adornment in the form of a chain with a Sterling Silver pendant is exactly something that should necessarily appear in your Fall 2019 jewelry box.Sterling Silver jewelry adds a touch of sparkle and intrigue to your look, from Goth to boho, elegant to vintage. We hope to inspire you to create an eccentric and playful aesthetic to your Sterling Silver jewelry collection for the new fashion season.

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