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ea33b60a2af0043ed1584d05fb1d4f94e277e3dc10ac104490f6c97ea4e8b3bd_1280-1024x1024​It’s that time again! We are in the Full Moon zone, and this month, the Full Moon gift is in Scorpio. Don’t groan yet!

Yes, Scorpio is intense and mysterious, and always holds a few secrets in their hand. But Scorpio is also very intuitive, Notoriously so! With the Full Moon in romantic Scorpio this month, we are going to look at your Full Moon in Scorpio horoscopes for all lovers, and all zodiac signs.

As the Fixed Water sign, we are always wondering what lies beneath the surface of that saucy Scorpio. So expect a few secrets to come your way over the next few days -whether they arrive through dreams, sudden news flashes, or secrets whispered deliciously behind closed doors. The secrets are coming!

The energy starts May 16 and will peak on May 18 with the Full Moon in the Scorpio event. It will then continue for two more days through May 20, giving you five beautiful days to make your Full Moon wishes.

The Moon is always traveling and visits every zodiac sign constellation in the sky for about two days. As the Moon travels, it waxes bigger, or, more Full, until it arrives at its final and full destination every month


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