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Wholesale Program

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Low Shipping Cost For Small Wholesale Silver Jewelry Order

Sometimes, you just want to do small wholesale silver jewelry order. Maybe it’s the new designs you want to test with your market, restocking some items or small order to do the quality test on our products. However, you might feel the shipping cost is too high for this kind of small order. That’s why we have been looking for the solution to help you with this.

Today, we are excited to announce the new shipping option that will help you save a lot more on your small wholesale silver jewelry order.

DHL Shipping For Small Order.
DHL is worldwide trusted courier from Germany, providing international courier, parcel and express mail service. With a strong network across the globe, their logistic system is reliable and trustworthy.

So how is it work ?………….

All orders will be picked up from our warehouse, shipped internationally by DHL. Once it arrives at your country, the order will be passed to your trusted local post to deliver to your doorstep.

With this process, the shipping cost is lower and thus you can do small order more frequently without breaking your pocket on shipping cost.

Let’s take a look in more details on why this might be a good shipping option for you.

DHL’s Customer Service
With access to DHL Customer Service Team, you can be sure there will be someone to help you with the queries that you will have.

Trustworthy and Reliable
With high delivery scan and leading transit time, you can rest assured that your order will reach you safely and on time.

Simplified Clearance
Hassle-free simplified clearance process that will ensure your order reaches you quickly.

Trackable Shipment
All shipment comes with a tracking number so you can always check the status of your shipment.

Affordable for Small Order
Affordable price for shipping Small Wholesale Silver Jewelry Order.

Not only it’s affordable for your small order……………..

We decided to simplify this even easier for you by making it an Order-Value Based Shipping Cost…

Order-Value Based Shipping Cost
Instead of calculating the shipping cost by weight, order-value based shipping cost is the calculation of shipping cost based on the order value. This means you are knowing the exact shipping cost even before placing the order, just by looking at the shipping cost table, enable you to control your budget more efficiently. Our website system will calculate the shipping cost based on 3 tiers which are

99$-300$ order.

301$-500$ order

501$-1000$ order.

Shipping to the USA within 7-10 Days at 12$ per order
If you live in the USA, you now can order small wholesale silver jewel with us and have them shipped directly within 7-10 day by this new “7-10 Day DHL Parcel Direct USA” option.

Your order will be picked up, managed and shipped to the USA by DHL. Once arrive in the USA, the order will be delivered to you locally by USPS. All shipment come with the tracking number in which you can track in USPS website or DHL website.

The shipping cost is based on order value.

99$-300$ order = 12$ shipping cost

301$-500$ order = 13$ shipping cost

501$-1000$ order = 19$ shipping cost

For example, if you do 499$ wholesale order, you are paying exactly 13$ for that order shipment which is only 2.6% of your order value!

Shipping to Australia within 5-7 Days at 15$ per order
Shipping wholesale silver jewelry order from Thailand to Australia is now cheaper and better than ever. With our new “5-7 Days DHL Parcel Direct Australia” shipping option, you are able to save more on shipping cost.

All orders will be shipped to Australia by DHL. Once arrive at your country, the order will then be passed and deliver to you locally by Australia Post. All shipment come with tracking code

The shipping cost is based on order value

Shipping to Other International Countries
This new shipping option is also available to another 19 countries. The delivery lead-time might be a little longer which is 7-21 days, depend on the destination. But the good thing is the cost is really low and yes, you still get all the benefits from DHL service mentioned above.

All shipping will be shipped to your countries by DHL and pass to local delivery by your local post.

Let’s look at the Shipping cost on another 19 countries.

Shipping Cost for 300$ Order
Austria $12 Germany $13 New Zealand $20 Spain $14
Belgium $13 Hong Kong $20 Norway $19 Sweden $19
Canada $16 Italy $14 Singapore $20 Switzerland $19
Denmark $20 Japan $11 South Africa $20 UK $13
France $13 Netherlands $13 South Korea $11
Shipping Cost for 500$ Order
Austria $13 Germany $16 New Zealand $23 Spain $16
Belgium $15 Hong Kong $23 Norway $22 Sweden $22
Canada $19 Italy $16 Singapore $23 Switzerland $22
Denmark $23 Japan $13 South Africa $23 UK $15
France $15 Netherlands $15 South Korea $13
Shipping Cost for 1000$ Order
Austria $18 Germany $24 New Zealand $36 Spain $24
Belgium $21 Hong Kong $36 Norway $34 Sweden $34
Canada $28 Italy $22 Singapore $36 Switzerland $34
Denmark $36 Japan $19 South Africa $36 UK $22
France $22 Netherlands $22 South Korea $18

When Should I use DHL Shipping?
1. When your order is small.
If you are placing a small order, let’s say 499US$. DHL Shipping will be a great option to you as you will be looking to pay just 13US$ for shipping to the USA, which is only 2.6% of your order value.

  1. When you are not in a rush to get the Stock
    If you are not in a rush to get the stock, this would be a great option. This is because although the average lead-time is mentioned, sometime deliver might get little delay from your local post, which might affect if you have a time-sensitive project, event or order.

  2. When an order is not more than 1,000US$ and weight is less than 6 Kg for USA and Australia or 1,000US$ and weight is less than 2 Kg for other countries.
    If your order value if less than 1,000US$ and weight less than 2 kg (for the USA and Australia maximum weight is 6kg) then this might be ideal shipping option for you

When Shouldn’t I use DHL Shipping?
1. When you order is Big
If you are placing order more than 1,000US$, we would recommend you choose 3-4 Days Express Delivery as an option. This is because not only you get faster delivery lead time, but it will be safer as UPS will handle all shipping and take care of all process until it arrives your hand.

  1. When you are in a rush to get the stock.
    If you are having a sensitive project, event, trade show or order that you promise your customer to deliver, we would highly recommend using 3-4 Days express delivery as you are guaranteed to get the stock within this 3-4 Days.

Wholesale Exclusive Price
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