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Leo Premium Selection

New Partner Gift

All of the new partners can enjoy up to 18% sales commission during your first month

Leo Premium Selection Affiliate Users THREE Exclusive Rights
1 Easy To Make Money
Every Purchase Completed Via Your Links, Earn You Up To 18% Commission

2 Share To getting Commission
Purchase a product and share your review to maximize your earnings

3 Flexible Withdrawal
Withdraw commission at any time. Spend it however you like!

Top – Earning Affiliate Ranking
Hi! I am a webmaster of an item review website. I often recommend jewelry for my fans. I can get a commission from that

Alex (Blogger)
Earn: US$2,000

Hello! I like sharing my shopping tips with my friends. Now I get a fantastic opportunity from Leo Premium Selection! I share the items to my friends, I can get the sales commission and save money.

LEE (Housewife)
Earn: US$1,100

I am a webmaster, I manager a deals website. My fans click the product links and buy from the Leo Premium Selection through my site. I can earn a commission from that.

Tracy (Webmaster)
Earn: US$3,500

I need pocket money to purchase my love, so I share Leo Premium Selection items on my Facebook. So, I can earn full enough money every month.

May (Student)
Earn: US$2,500

I put Leo Premium Selection banner on my online retailer shop, that is amazing! I can make a high commission from that.

Aries (Retailer)
Earn: US$3,300

Nice to meet you! Last time I share the items after I purchased from Leo Premium Selection After sometimes I go to Leo Premium Selection check how much I earned. I found my earning is higher than my cost. I buy from Leo Premium Selection for free actually.

Earn: US$500


Leo Premium SelectionFOUR easy steps to make money

1 Register / Join
Create your Leo Premium Selection account.

2 Generate Links
Generate And Share Affiliate Links

3 Someone Makes A Purchase
Someone places an order after following your referral link

4 Commission Get
You earn a commission based on what they ordered In Leo Premium Selection


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