2019’s Biggest Jewelry Trends

2019 Jewelry Trends

2019’s Biggest Jewelry Trends Are Not for Conservative Types

I hope you’re ready to ditch subtlety because the 2019 jewelry trends are especially in-your-face. If you paid close attention to the runways, you might have noticed that they were filled with necklaces and bracelets piled and stacked on top of each other. Earrings were just as daring, with chunky, oversize hoops and long, dangling styles that dropped below the shoulders.

1. Chain-Link Necklaces

2019 Jewelry Trends


There’s nothing new about chain-link necklaces — LL Cool J has rocked him since the ’80s. But what does feel refreshing are the exaggerated shapes and glam finishes seen on the spring 2019 runways of Hermes, Monse, Marni, and Off-White.


2. Seashell Jewels

2019 Jewelry Trends


Sunny or not, this beachy trend is already popping up everywhere. Anna Sui’s version included colorful shells connected with gold accents and beads, Oscar de la Renta jazzed up chains with coral reef pendants, and Missoni put a twist on delicate hoops with mismatched seashells.

3. Open-Cuff Necklace

2019 Jewelry Trends


Here’s the choker’s grown-up, sophisticated cousin. Fendi’s take on the trend was colorful, with blue, green, and orange-colored enamel. Dior sent models down the runway with the brand’s name front-and-center.

4. Coins on Coins

2019 Jewelry Trends


Coin necklaces have been trending for a few seasons now. But in 2019 the trend is bigger than ever, with piled on pieces like we’ve never seen before. Some styles featured the charms throughout a single-chain necklace, like at Oscar de la Renta (pictured above), while others layered up with piles of coin chains wrapped around models’ necks, as seen at Paco Rabanne.

5. Neck Bags

2019 Jewelry Trends


You can blame the resurgence of the belt bag for this one. The trend started out around the waist, transitioned to across the chest, and in 2019, we’ll be wearing those tiny pouches around our necks just like Gabriela Hearst and Loewe demonstrated in their Spring 2019 presentations.

6. Charm-Embellished Belts

2019 Jewelry Trends


In 2019, we’ll see an uptick in bedazzled belts, thanks to Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld, and Versace’s Donatella, who all added charms to the belts in their spring 2019 collections.

7. Crescent-Hoop Earrings

2019 Jewelry Trends


Traditional hoops dominate season after season. But it’s time to take it up a notch with thick, half-moon designs. Valentino’s models showed us exactly how it’s down with gold statement-makers. And at Ulla Johnson’s runway show, the open-hoop earrings were turned on their sides like moon crescents.

8. Logo Jewels

2019 Jewelry Trends


Nope, the logo trend isn’t over. And it’s really just getting started in the jewelry department. Chanel went H.A.M. on branded jewels, putting its name on earrings, necklaces, and belts. Expect to see more logo jewels because Dior and Balenciaga are also on board.


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